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Gun Control is Idiotic

My Take on Why Gun Control is Idiotic

Because of the constant march of socialism that has grown even more obvious as of late, I’ve focused more on socialism than my thoughts on gun control. I think the danger posed to America by socialism and its acolytes is incredibly serious and must be called out at every available opportunity. But, other issues are important to think about. Gun control is one of those; every time some mass shooting or other random act of violence happens, liberals use that tragedy to push for increased restrictions on firearm ownership. That’s because they’re uninformed and don’t understand that gun control is idiotic.

To me, it’s almost inconceivable that people can’t see that gun control is idiotic. States with restrictive gun laws praise ineffective ideas like gun free zones, waiting periods for buying firearms, and restrictions on who can carry weapons. And, of course, there are calls for assault weapon bans.

Luckily for Virginians, protesting patriots were able to use a 2nd Amendment rally and threats of 2nd Amendment sanctuaries to successfully push back against Virginia’s proposed assault weapon ban.

Unfortunately, in many other states, those terribly unconstitutional laws are still on the books.

All those laws are incredibly dumb. There’s no other way to say it. They’re just idiotic laws.

The reason why is shown in the meme above. If insane people are going to commit acts of violence, we should encourage self-defense, not limitations on self-defense. If a wolf attacks an animal, should the attacked animal be punished and stripped of any ability to defend itself? No, of course not. That would be ludicrous. Similarly, if a mass-murderer attacks me, why should I be the one punished and forced to disarm? Gun control punishes the victims and potential victims, so it is idiotic and unreasonable.

Sane and law-abiding citizens have a constitutional right to firearm ownership. Yes, the 2nd Amendment is more about preventing and fighting tyranny than it is about self-defense. But, it relates to our right to defend ourselves; we can use firearm because the 2nd Amendment enshrines our right to own them.

And, as both Ayn Rand and Rand Paul point out in their respective quotations on rights and whether the government can limit them, no one can take that right away from you.

So, in conclusion, gun control is idiotic. Not only is it supported by tyrants, always a failure, and definitely unconstitutional, but also it won’t limit violence in any way. The solution to mass shootings is making it easier for the average citizen to own and carry a firearm. And, as Lt. Col. Jeff Cooper said, the best way to reduce violent crime is to carry a weapon and be prepared to use it. Increased gun control will not help us limit crime, it will instead hinder our ability to do so. Gun control laws already exist. They don’t work. As usual, we need fewer laws, not more laws.

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Don’t support gun control. It’s unconstitutional and ineffective at reducing crime. Instead, fight for your rights. You have the right as a citizen to own a firearm. Fight for that right!

By: Gen Z Conservative

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