October 30, 2020

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Gun Control is Crazy Meme

Gun Control is Crazy Meme

Gun Control is Crazy Meme:

Gun Control is Crazy Meme

My Take on Why Gun Control is Crazy:

Gun control is crazy, as this “gun control is crazy meme” so eloquently suggests. Gun control doesn’t really punish or limit criminals in any discernible way. Like I mentioned in my “Gun Control Meme” post, criminals will always break the law and get guns illegally on the black market and/or use guns in gun free zones. Sure, that’s against the law, but that’s what they do. They’re criminals.

In actuality, gun control is crazy because it only punishes law abiding citizens. Gun control strips rights away from people who have done nothing wrong and have every right to own a weapon. That is supremely unjust. No rational society with a good, healthy tension between safety and liberty would permit that. Only a nanny-state society such as ours would find a way to rationalize such a supreme injustice.

The 2nd Amendment unequivocally defends our rights to keep and bear arms, like I discussed in my “My Thoughts on Gun Control” post. Any action that restricts that is unconstitutional. Even if the weapons are “scary” they are protected by the 2nd Amendment.

People might ask “are AR 15s protected by the 2nd Amendment?” Hopefully, after reading this and seeing why gun control is crazy, your answer will be “yes, AR 15s are protected by the 2nd Amendment, as are all other firearms.”

That is the constitutional truth, the logical truth, and the only truth. Our forefathers fought in the American Revolution (which I made a timeline of) to make sure your right to keep and bear arms of any type are protected. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise and make sure to defend your 2nd Amendment rights!

By: Gen Z Conservative


Read about my thoughts on gun control here: https://genzconservative.com/my-thoughts-on-gun-control/

Read about the 2nd Amendment here: https://www.law.cornell.edu/wex/second_amendment

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