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Gun Control Force Field Meme

Gun Control Force Field meme:

Gun control force field meme

Gun Control Force Fields Don’t Exist…And Won’t Ever Exist:

Sure, we can all pretend gun control creates a force field where we can’t be shot…or we can stand up and defend our 2nd Amendment rights! I say we choose the latter option. Like this gun control force field meme suggests, there will never be any magic barrier created by gun control. Why is that?

Because gun-free zones don’t work. Neither do most gun control laws. I say that the indisputably better option is for us to defend ourselves. Constitutional Carry laws are the way to go, they’re effective and free!

Or in other words, they are fiscally responsible and constitutionally allowed! What could be better? Nothing! They’re a great way to get back to fiscal responsibility (which Republicans desperately need to do because the national debt is still a problem) and they would help remove the unconstitutional specter of gun control.

Furthermore, gun control is ridiculous because it shows that Americans now value safety more than liberty. According to Benjamin Franklin in his quote about liberty, that means they deserve neither. The Founders would say to protect yourself if you’re worried; don’t beg the government to intrude on your life.

As you might think because of this Gun Control Force Field meme, gun-control doesn’t protect you. Carrying a weapon will. The protection carrying, or at least owning a weapon affords, is one of the best reasons to own a firearm. Do that instead. Protect yourself, rather than relying on the government and a magical gun control force field to protect you.

By: Gen Z Conservative


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