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Gun Control Does Not Work. It Never Has and Never Will

My Thoughts on the Fact that Gun Control Does Not Work

I have brought this up before, such as in my “Gun Control Won’t Save You” and “The Gun Control Lobby is Lying” posts, but it bears repeating: gun control does not work! It never has and never will; Joe Biden’s attempts to take our guns and enforce his radical gun control agenda will be just as ineffective as Clinton’s assault weapons ban.

Many of our friends on the left seem to worship gun control as the magical solution to every homicide. They want to regulate what weapons we can own and confiscate the ones they dislike. Remember, liberals want to take our guns. They might say that they only want “common sense” reform, not confiscation. But that is a lie.

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In any case, whether their goal is gun confiscation or regulation (I think it’s confiscation, as I discussed in “Democrats want a Disarmed Populace”), gun control makes no sense. It makes no sense because gun control does not work, yet Democrats treat it like a silver bullet solution for every problem.

Why does gun control not work? Because it is the creation of additional laws to restrain criminals, who by definition break the law. If anyone who commits a gun related crime cared about the law in the first place, then they wouldn’t commit that crime. They wouldn’t rob the bank. Or assault someone. Or commit a horrific mass shooting.

But no, criminals don’t obey the law, so gun control does not work. Once a person has decided to commit a horrific and violent crime, such as the ones listed above, the laws don’t matter. He or she will find a way to commit that crime. No matter what restrictions are in place, criminals will find a way to commit crimes and acts of violence. That’s just what they do.

If guns are outlawed or difficult to get, criminals could use a butcher knife to kill people, like in China. Or poison gas, like in Japan. Or they could illegally obtain a firearm and use that, like in the horrific Bataclan terrorist attacks in Paris or the cartels that have turned Mexico into a failed state. Or a truck attack in Germany. Because criminals don’t care about the law, gun control won’t restrain them. In other words, gun control does not work and won’t ever work due to a criminal’s psychology.

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What does Gun Control Do? Nothing Good. That’s Why Gun Control Does not Work

So gun control does not work, but what are its practical effects? Well, it does two things very well. It restrains law abiding citizens from buying the weapons they are constitutionally allowed to buy, and it opens the door to tyranny.

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Law abiding citizens should be allowed to purchase whatever firearms and accessories they might like; all guns matter. AR 15s are protected by the 2nd Amendment, as are machine guns, bump-fire stocks, short-barreled rifles, and short barreled shotguns. We should be able to buy any of those without extra licenses, permits, etc. The 2nd Amendment guarantees it.

However, due to gun control laws, we are not able to. Citizens of many states aren’t even able to buy true AR-15s. Because law-abiding citizens care about the law, they aren’t going to break it to buy the “illegal” guns that they are constitutionally allowed to buy. So gun control does nothing to restrain criminals but is hugely impactful on those who have done nothing wrong.

Additionally, gun control is an insidious measure in that it allows tyranny to creep into our nation. Yes, the government is already far more powerful than the American citizenry. But, out ownership of firearms, especially when we own the right weapons to fight tyranny, is enough of a deterrent to stop government overreach. If stricter gun control measures are implemented, then that deterrent will be lost and the government could much more easily become tyrannical.

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Gun control makes us no safer. Since criminals don’t respect the law, gun control laws have little to no effect on their behavior. It’s not like a mass-murdering psychopath will avoid committing a crime just because the government says his pistol is now illegal. Even the idea of that is ridiculous.

But, gun control does have effects on America. It gives tyranny an opening into our nation. If you don’t believe me, then just look at America before the NFA laws that I describe in “My Thoughts on Gun Control” were implemented and America after they were implemented. The “before” America was much freer because its citizens had a much more credible deterrent to tyranny. Now, with even more gun laws in place, we are much less able to defend our freedom.

Fight for your rights. Defend your God-given right to keep and bear arms. Gun control does not work, so why should we let it be implemented?

Leftist politicians will always try to lie to you to get you to agree with them about gun control. They will lie about and make up statistics. They’ll use children to try to draw your sympathy. As with everything, they can’t be trusted and should not be listened to. Remember my advice on how to fight the culture war. Remain collected, but always speak up and fight back to make sure they and others know that gun control does not work. It never has worked and never will.

By: Gen Z Conservative