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Gun Control and Increased Crime

My Take on Gun Control and Increased Crime:

Liberals often act like their “common sense” gun control ideas will solve every crime problem in America. Red flag laws will stop crazy people from owning guns. Gun-free zones will stop mass shootings. “Assault weapon” bans will limit the number of people hurt by mass shootings. And so on and so forth. However, as conservatives, we know that all of that is incorrect because there is a direct and obvious link between gun control and increased crime.

Why is there a link between gun control and increased crime? Because all of the ideas presented as the bases for gun control are false. They’re not based on any evidence, they are just examples of the gun control lobby lying.

For example, red flag laws won’t be (and already aren’t) used to stop mentally ill people from being able to buy guns. Instead, they are and will be used to punish thought crimes. The government just uses those laws to take guns from people who speak out against it.

Another example is the idea of gun-free zones. Those zones don’t make anyone safer. In fact, they do the exact opposite and turn places like schools into soft targets for criminals to attack.

The next gun control myth is that semi-automatic rifles are somehow extra deadly. That’s just one of the gun control lies about rifles that the media has picked up on, so now it’s continuously spread. Don’t believe it; death by assault weapon is rare, not frequent.

Finally, I think the above meme is important to see because it shows the absolute idiocy of implementing wide-ranging and unconstitutional gun control laws as a response to crime. We should blame criminals, not guns or responsible gun owners. Criminals are the ones breaking the law, not the average person.

That’s why Lt. Col. Jeff Cooper said carrying a gun is the way to curb violent crime. And it’s why Thomas Jefferson said gun control laws only help criminals. Gun control won’t save you. Owning a handgun might. A few thugs in a few cities are responsible for most of the gun-related violence in America. We shouldn’t punish all gun owners as a result. Especially if the link between gun control and increased crime is so obvious.

Guns and responsible gun owners are not the problem. Degraded family values and glorification of the cities listed in the above meme are. So don’t blame guns or change your mind about gun control. Instead, continue to support the 2nd Amendment!

By: Gen Z Conservative

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