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Gun Confiscation is Impossible in America

My Take on Why Gun Confiscation is Impossible

Gun control is many things. It is unconstitutional. It is ridiculous and unreasonable. The idea of punishing innocent people for the actions of criminals is astoundingly crazy. Yet every day, the gun-grabbing left decides to take their gun control rhetoric one step further. So, now we’re at the point of having to debate their gun confiscation ideas; the ideas of Beto “The Gunsalesman” O’Rourke. What the liberals seem unable to understand is that gun confiscation is impossible.

Just look around at those that understand the 2nd Amendment. We understand that its purpose is to give us weapons to fight tyranny. There are many reasons to own a firearm, but the most important one is to fight back against potential tyrants. That’s why I’ve implored many of my readers to not surrender their weapons if the time ever comes where that’s demanded. Doing so would be submitting to tyranny.

Americans know that they should resist delusional, prohibitionist tyrants. The American Revolution started when the British tried to seize Continental muskets and gunpowder. Jefferson reminded us that the “tree of liberty” occasionally has to be “watered with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” Patrick Henry demanded liberty or death. Samuel Adams refused to consent to the “tranquility of servitude” over the “animating contest of freedom.”

Real Americans remember those patriots and are determined to uphold their legacies. We won’t surrender our weapons to confiscatory, leftist tyrants. That’s why gun confiscation is impossible.

People like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris want to take our guns. That means that they not only want to steal our lawfully owned and bought property, but also are anti-2nd Amendment. Both of their records show that fact. Make no mistake, they will try to take your guns if the opportunity presents itself.

But what they do not realize is that there are millions, if not tens of millions, of American gun owners that are ready to defend their property and right to keep and bear arms. Sure, some will give in and just hand over their weapons to the feds. Most probably will. But some will still stand and fight. And what seem like a small fraction will, in reality, be millions of people fighting for what they believe in. Gun confiscation is impossible because of those brave patriots who stand ready to defend our rights.


Push Back against Any Gun Control

Charlton Heston famously remarked that the government could pry his guns from his “cold, dead hands.” All Americans should do the same now. Beto and many other American leftists are pushing for gun confiscation, red flag laws, and further bans on certain classes of weapons.

Those proposals are as ridiculous as they are unconstitutional. By now you probably all know my thoughts on gun control and the 2nd Amendment. I write about those topics frequently. That’s because as a lifelong shooter, this is an immensely personal issue for me; I understand why firearm ownership is important and that anyone who says otherwise is simply spreading gun control lies.

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Some of you might think I’m being melodramatic. Surely the leftists aren’t actually coming for our guns, right? No. Wrong. They are. Make no mistake, the left wants to seize your firearms and destroy your ability to protect yourself from tyrants, rioters, or common criminals. They want to make you dependent on the state for protection and in a state of requiring its mercy so that a tyrant does not seize you and kill you and lock you up. If we don’t resist that, we’ll end up being terrorized by evil collectivists like Che Guevarra.

Executions, jailings, and other horrendous tyrannies always follow gun control. We need to prevent that from happening by ensuring that it remains true that gun confiscation is impossible.

“Common sense” gun control is something that RINOs like to support. It is just as unconstitutional as any other form of gun control. Don’t let silver-tongued politicians convince you otherwise. Don’t change your mind about gun control. Make the government and its agents remember that gun confiscation is impossible.


Conclusion: Gun Confiscation is Impossible Still, but We Need to Remember the Spirit of Resistance

The spirit of ’76, the spirit of resistance to tyrants, has almost been forgotten in America. In the midst of our prosperity, we’ve forgotten the simultaneous self-reliance and community-building instincts that made this country great. That’s one of the many reasons why liberalism failed and why America seems to be falling apart.

And it’s also why our politicians seem to have forgotten that gun confiscation is impossible. We need to revive that spirit of resilience and resistance to tyranny if we are to preserve our rights in the face of an ever-growing bureaucracy.

Early Americans, those described in What the Anti-Federalists were For and The History of the United States during the Administrations of Thomas Jefferson, would never have submitted to the regulations and taxes we now view as permanent. Countless numbers of them rose up, as is recorded in The Age of Federalism, over even small tax increases. We need to be more like them. E-cig bans, bans on large swathes of weapons for arbitrary reasons, high taxes, and an out of control national debt would have all drawn swift resistance.

Now, however, we simply submit. That needs to change. Make the same “cold, dead hands” vow as Charlton Heston. Remind the government that gun confiscation is impossible, just like complete prohibition of the substances the elites want to ban.

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on Parler, Gab, and Facebook