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Gun Buybacks are Gun Confiscations. The Government Cannot “Buy Back” Something that It Never Owned

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Why Gun Buybacks are Gun Confiscations

Here’s a question, how could the government buyback something that it never owned in the first place? The answer is that it can’t; there’s no such thing as a gun buyback. So, gun buybacks are gun confiscations by another name. The quick progression of gun control proposals and new, arbitrary laws sometimes make it hard to see what terms such as “gun buyback” actually mean. Hopefully, this short article shows you why the impulse behind the left’s push for gun control means that gun buybacks are really just an attempt at gun confiscation.

There seems to be some confusion as to what gun buybacks are and what their purpose is. Our friends on the left insist in public that they don’t want to confiscate guns and that buybacks are just a way for the police to take those dangerous “assault weapons” that no one needs off the street. Nevermind that gun control means more crime and doesn’t work at reducing the number of mass shootings, the left just wants to protect you! Or so they say…

But we patriots know that all of that is a lie. The left does want to confiscate our guns. All of them. Any curious American just needs to look to see that the crazies on the left like Beto O’Rourke want to send the police to seize our weapons. And now, during the presidential race, we can see that Joe Biden wants to confiscate our weapons too. And he’s (incorrectly) considered a moderate.

So the left, whether the “radical” left or not, is behind gun confiscation and seizing the weapons of law-abiding citizens. That is its goal. Not to “buyback” dangerous weapons to keep you safe and put some money in your pocket. Not to try to clean up the inner cities by limiting the arms that gangsters and other criminals own. No, rather than pursuing policies that actually would decrease violent crime, the left wants to disarm common, law-abiding citizens. When paired with their policy of defunding the police, that would be disastrous.

However, that crime increase and lack of self-defense is not the point of this article. The point is that gun buybacks are gun confiscations and that leftists are just trying to cover up their un-American impulse to confiscate our guns by calling it something else that sounds slightly better. As usual, they are using imprecise language to hide their true policy objectives.

We need to fight back against that by demanding that they say what they mean. They are after taking your guns. That’s what they want, and it is quite unpopular. Call them on it and make sure the public knows that gun buybacks are gun confiscations Reminding others of that fact is the best way to fight back against them in this culture war over our firearm rights.

Also, it should be noted that “assault weapons” are no more dangerous than any other weapon. In fact, death by “assault weapon” is incredibly rare. And, in any case, it doesn’t matter. The 2nd Amendment is included in the Bill of Rights, not the “Bill of Needs,” so AR-15’s are protected by the 2nd Amendment. Don’t surrender your weapons or sell them to the government, even if they come up with some sob story about how “the children” are hurt by you owning whatever firearm you want. The sob stories don’t matter. They’re just that- sob stories meant to make you sad and more willing to surrender your right to keep and bear arms.

Gun buybacks are gun confiscations no matter what; always remember that. The Democrats will try to get you to forget it because they know that once you understand that gun buybacks are gun confiscations you will be far less willing to support their ridiculous gun control policies. Remember the true nature of their policies and fight against them if you want to preserve your right to keep and bear whatever arms you damn well please.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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