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Disparate Groups Among the Left Struggle to Coexist, and They Seek to Expand That Dysfunction

The socialists on the left have devolved into a shrill eunuch chorus.

The sources of this Soy Boy phenomenon are constantly referred to but little information is ever put forward for consideration.  There is a very simple explanation for the situation.  Genetics!  Some people are easily destabilized by relatively small occurrences.  They are constantly on the alert for any deviation from their safe garden path. When there is a crack in the pavement, we suffer their hysteria along with them.  Mommy helps with her valium and society suffers.

Amygdala for todays’ lesson in anatomy, is the part of the brain that processes emotions and stability.  It also affects sexuality.  Similar to any organ in the body, it can be redirected through genetic mutation.  Witnessing the screaming of our liberals indicates a patient with these issues.

These emotionally challenged individuals are filled with passionate intensity. Unfortunately, they are the morally and psychologically bereft.  This has created an intellectual climate at our colleges that is stagnant because it is immersed in socialism.  Who among the intellectual leaders of our society possess the abilities and rational powers of observation and critical inquiry?  These phrases are the foundation of western thought and achievement and should be found on campus.  Mention this in a faculty meeting and your grant money dries up with your tenure application.  We are left with little intellectual basis for our society.

Wise Democrat politicos understood that these traumatized people were desperate for acknowledgement and most of all a peer group in which to interact.  They are easily wound up and sent forth to battle the roaches and mice of the world.  With media backup and money to dispense, they have influence out of proportion with their numbers. The most contradictory and hypocritical situation is the alliances that are made in their name that they are too bewildered to understand.  Islam is one example. 

Islam and the religion of socialism are quite similar in that they allow no ideas that deviate from the liturgy of the founders.  This of course ends the free flow of man’s development and growth. It is easily observed by looking at the lack of progress of those that have created nothing in 1,400 years but religious hatreds.  The socialists only contemplate their mirrors in desperation for an audience.  What would happen to a Gay Pride parade in Mecca?  Rationality is not their strong suit.

Populations and civilization will further decline as we eliminate independent thought and innovation from our lives.  Those found wanting of sufficient fervor for the new societal structures will not be necessary for the future.  They are known as useless mouths.

Self-examination by these liberals is necessary for the daily expunging of sins against the prophets.  Unfortunately for the woke types, old sins reappear from their electronic devices of worship and accelerate their downfall.  These electronic histories are the undoing of the virtuous clowns by using their actions or thoughts in decades of the past against them if they are not sufficiently reverent in their own lives.

The basic premise of these beliefs allows a daily rebuilding of faith. It also allows for a time filler between trips to the store to harass the unbelievers about their virtue in the of wearing of a mask.  What else is there to do as Daddy or hubby pays the bills and everyone else ignores me?  Of course, trips to the doughnut shop fill the loneliness of an empty bed on many a desperate night.  Feeding the kitty and recharging batteries for personal devices also contributes meaning to their existence.

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Many Muslims are totally repelled by many socialist beliefs.  Women should be hidden and be respectful at all times or be beaten.  A mother must defer to her son after he reaches puberty.  A woman will be stoned if she brings dishonor upon the house.  Homosexuals are thrown from the roof.  These beliefs are antithetical to liberals but are somehow ignored in the grand scheme of things for the greater new woke world.

The British seem to lead down the steps to tyranny.  Every horrible law under which we suffer had its’ beginnings  across the pond. It appears that the evil white patriarchy must be eliminated and that a conservative woman is a traitor and must be ostracized from the coven.  The British serfs have found that the application of hate speech crime includes texting violations.

A Scottish lesbian has been jailed for “malicious communication.”   She apparently texted a comment that was malicious about transsexuals.  This is similar to the Scotland Yard Department that investigates hate speech communications instead of Muslim knife attacks.

What does this situation mean for our First Amendment in the USA? Will this law cross the pond?  The entire segment of the country that owns smart phones are constantly under surveillance and that is a dangerous step.  Will we be hauled before a truth commission to confess our sins? 

A long period of darkness is descending upon us.

By: The Madame, Still Knitting

Madame Defarge is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative and a patriotic American offering opinions on issues of the day while working in the biodiesel refinery and clean water industries, internationally focusing on technologies that make cents.