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Former DNI Grenell: It’s Time to Investigate Biden’s CCP Ties

Is our president in the deep pocket of the Chinese Communist Party? He’ll say he’s not, of course, but many Americans don’t believe him.

Between his soft on China policies, all the information that was on the Hunter Biden laptop, and the history he has of profiting off of Chinese companies, many Americans think Biden is involved with China and have good cause to think so.

What’s more is that they deserve to know who, if anyone, owns their president. Is Biden a man of the people, or a pawn of Xi? Whatever the case, we have a right to know.

For that reason, according to Breitbart, Former Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell is calling for an investigation of the Biden family and its China ties, telling that outlet that it’s high time law enforcement started looking into how Biden and his family have cashed in on the Red Dragon’s growth.

Speaking on that, Grenell first said that “There should be a special counsel just on the Hunter Biden laptop alone,” referring to the story about Hunter Biden’s laptop and all the information about the Biden family’s China ties that was exposed by the computer.

Then, continuing his call for an investigation of the Biden family, Grenell said “We’ve got a lot of smoke and it seems like there’s, there’s a whole bunch of fires around the Biden family that have way too close of ties to the Chinese Communist Party and members. And I’m very concerned about that. And I’m so thankful that people like [Rep. Lisa McClain (R-MI)] are pushing back.

Breitbart then reports thatGrenell said he was working with McClain, who recently introduced a bill called the Stop CCP Act, which would sanction members of the CCP and their relatives. The congresswoman told Breitbart News Saturday earlier, “It’s not surprising to me that Joe Biden is not tough on China. I mean, think about it, his family profits from them.”

But Grenell wasn’t going to stop there. He went on to savage the leftist elites and media, particularly the “intelligence community,” for the cover they’ve given China by lying about the Hunter laptop and saying it’s Russian disinformation. Speaking on that, he said:

Almost all Democrats, but certainly all anti-Trump people…signed a letter saying, ‘Don’t look at Hunter Biden’s laptop. Don’t take it seriously because it’s Russian disinformation.’ Now that is the Beijing line. The Chinese have wanted us to not pay attention to this laptop or the accusations of corruption or the ties to the Biden family.

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It was one of the galling things for me to watch these intelligence so-called experts, people like Leon Panetta, who signed this letter saying, don’t even look at at, at that laptop. There is evidence showing the corruption into the Biden family with the Chinese and I don’t understand why the Senate and House members aren’t much more clear-eyed and aggressive about getting to the bottom of this.

The evidence is there, the media is clearly not interested in highlighting it. It’s terrible that there’s only one book highlighting this connection.

Grenell is right. It’s shameful that the Biden family has been able to get away with this for so long and even worse that all those who should care about his China ties don’t seem to have a care in the world about all he’s done to sell out our nation and its interests to the Red Chinese, if, in fact, the accusations in Red-Handed are as accurate as they seem to be. Theoretically, Joe could still be exonerated.

But only if there’s an investigation. Either way, America needs to know.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.