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Greg Abbott Pressed to Act on Employer Vaccine Mandates

By: Donovan Corzo, Mixed Texan Politics

The Republican Party of Texas recently submitted a letter to Texas governor Greg Abbott to stand up for individual liberty as more companies like Texas-based Southwest Airlines mandate vaccines for all employees.

In the letter, the Texas Republican Party petitioned that Abbott adds a “comprehensive ban on vaccine mandates” during the current special session.

The letter, which was signed by Texas GOP Chairman Matt Rinaldi and over 50 State Republican Executive Committee members, urged Abbott to expand on his current Executive Order which protects consumers from businesses mandating proof of vaccination status.

There was also a press conference held by Texas lawmakers requesting the governor add the issue of vaccine mandates to the session. Texas State Senator Bob Hall made a statement on the issue of employer vaccine mandates:

“Unfortunately, we have too many elected officials who seem to have forgotten that the primary purpose of government is to protect individual liberty,”

Many individuals across our state and nation are facing a devastating choice: whether to take a vaccine they do not want or leave their jobs, forfeiting their means to provide financially for themselves and their families.

“No modern-day American regulation has ever required a person to undergo a high-risk, irreversible, possible life-changing and life-threatening medical procedure just to be able to feed their family. My office has heard from many people throughout Texas who are being required to get the COVID vaccine in order to keep their job.”

Senator Hall currently has submitted three bills relating to the issue. One is Senate Bill 11 prevents employers from using an applicants vaccine status as a part of the hiring process

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Other members in the Texas Legislature have also submitted bills relating to vaccine mandates.

The problem is, none of these bills have seen movement in the Texas Congress. Lt Governor Dan Patrick doesn’t even have vaccine mandates on his agenda. Greg Abbott does have it on his though.

There is an area of concern though for those of us who oppose employer vaccine mandates. A spokesperson for Abbott, Renae Eze, said: “Private businesses don’t need government running their business.”

Well, I find that hard to believe because Greg Abbott is the same person who shut down the small business I work for, TWICE. This is something his GOP primary challengers Don Huffines or Allen West would not have done. I voted for Abbott in 2017 but will be seeking to remove him in 2022. More on that in another post.

My suggestion is, contact your State Reps and Senators to fight for you as an individual. Nobody should have to be forced to make a medical decision with their body in order to keep their job.


Greg Abbott has issued an Executive Order banning any vaccine mandate by any company or person in Texas

This is what leadership looks like, I for one and others have been sending emails to his office to step up and push back on company mandates after the Southwest situation. Did it have anything to do with it? Maybe, maybe not. It is good to see when your elected officials go to bat for the rights of the people.

I have had my criticisms of Abbott as stated in this post but I applaud this move.

Image at top: By David Martin Davies from San Antonio, USA – Greg Abbott win the Texas GOP nomination for Governor in San Antonio, CC BY-SA 2.0,