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Government Problems and Solutions

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My Take:

Government problems and solutions are almost always birds of a feather. Here’s how it usually goes (as I’m sure you know):

  1. First, the government identifies a current trend as problematic. Perhaps it’s drug use, perhaps it’s something like sexism or racism. In any case, it’s usually a problem that society could solve on its own through respectful political discussion.
  2. Next, the government steps in to “solve” the problem. They use “solutions” like placing limitations on free speech or attempting to enforce a complete prohibition of certain substances (as described in Narconomics) in order to fix the problem.
  3. After those “solutions” are implemented by often inept bureaucrats, new problems arise. Heavily policed cities begin to resent the presence of police officers. Social justice warriors use free speech limitations to shut down free speech on college campuses. Government agencies use their new powers to limit individual liberty. Etc.
  4. The original problem still exists because the government was completely unable to solve it.
  5. Society is left more polarized and unable to have a respectful political discussion because the original problem and the ancillary ones created by government intervention have turned into partisan issues.
  6. Nothing is ever fixed, but the government remains in its expanded state.
  7. Repeat.

And that same pattern of government problems and solutions just repeats itself over and over again. The government still hasn’t learned that complete prohibition is impossible. Or that free speech is a sacred natural right that we need to respect.

Instead, inept bureaucrats have just accumulated more and more power as society struggles to death the ramifications of government involvement.

Take gun control for example. The government saw something that is somewhat of a problem; gun violence. Then, to fix it, they’ve started to implement unconstitutional red flag laws, unconstitutional gun control laws, and are trying to leave us without weapons to defend ourselves from tyranny. All that to solve a problem that is relatively small once you look past the lies of the gun control lobby, especially the gun control lies about rifles.

The solutions that the government proposes to fix problems are often far worse than the problems ever were. Many people realize that, but they’re just unable to articulate it. We need to start articulating that concern. Otherwise, the government will continue to expand and societal problems will get worse and worse.

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on Parler, Gab, and Facebook