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Government is Like a Wolf

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My Take on Why Government is Like a Wolf

I love this meme because it ties in so well with the quote by Rand Paul on trusting the government. Americans weren’t meant to trust the government. Yes, it is necessary for a minor set of issues. Solving those issues is the role of government. But at the end of the day government is like a wolf. It needs to be tamed and watched vigilantly. Not set loose with broad mandates and little oversight.

Both the Federalists and Anti-Federalists understood that government is like a wolf. That’s why in both The Federalist Papers and The Anti-Federalist Papers they focused on finding ways to tame government and keep it at the bare minimum level. They certainly didn’t want it to have the immense level of power that it has now and uses irresponsibly.

In fact, that broad base of power is a very new development in America. It began during FDR’s reign and solidified during the Kennedy years, as described in The Best and The Brightest. Before then, we were still free. Now, I don’t think we are.

And what has government done with that broad authority? Banned E-cigs in Michigan with the prospect of them being banned nationally. Let the national debt skyrocket to unbelievable levels and remain a constant problem. Created ridiculous gun classifications that seem designed to put gun owners in jail and take away our weapons to fight tyranny rather than to keep guns out of the hands of criminals. And still the government pushes for more unconstitutional gun control, such as red flag laws. Examples of government tyranny are as numerous as the sand on the beach; I don’t need to dive into any more of them. Just remember that they’re all the result of us empowering rather than restraining government.

Just remember that government is not the solution. Government is like a wolf; it will turn on you the first moment you lose awareness. Furthermore, government isn’t even effective at the tasks it takes on. It is always bested by private companies. I am continually astounded that people who have been to the DMV support the expansion of the government.

Instead of empowering the government, we need to start empowering private citizens to live their lives the way they see fit. That is the American Creed– we are supposed to be in a nation where our citizens are free to live their lives without government interference.

Of course, because the government is like a wolf when it comes to our rights and seizing power, that hasn’t been the case in a long, long time. Ever since the events described in Liberal Fascism, the government has taken control over more and more aspects of our lives.

That is wrong. We need to start fighting back and living our lives the way we want to, just as our Founding Fathers did. Don’t let some bureaucrat tell you how to live your life. Just do what you want, bureaucrats and government agents be damned. That’s the American way.

So, in conclusion, always remember that the government is like a wolf. It needs to be closely watched and guarded. Not given a free rein to terrorize us and limit our rights. If we don’t keep it on a short leash and vigilantly watch it, then it will act out and steal more and more of our rights. We can’t let that happen; preserve liberty, not safety.

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By: Gen Z Conservative.