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Government Interference Meme

Government Interference is the Problem, not the Solution.

Government interference is everywhere in out society. There is government interference in the economy. That manifests itself mainly as the demands for a minimum wage, ridiculous regulations, and government dabbling in industry.

Not one of those things has solved an economic problem, and as I point out in my “The Minimum Wage Debate” post, many government “solutions” in the economy turn out to just cause more problems and suffering. Government interference in business and the economy should not be tolerated. America is supposed to be a free market society, not a centrally planned, socialist state.

Additionally, there is currently government interference in our lives in other ways. Examples of government interference in the lives of private citizens are as numerous as they are ridiculous. Government regulation of spaghetti with meat sauce (read about those rules here: arbitrary government interference).

Other examples range from government interference in who can get married to what type of firearms we are able to buy. As I point out in my “All Guns Matter” post, government regulations and rules about small arms often make no sense.

Because of government interference in our lives through firearm regulations, otherwise law abiding gun owners have to be especially careful about barrel length and what accessories they use. If they use the wrong combination, or even a vertical grip rather than a angled fore-grip, then they could become a felon. That is ridiculous and is a great example of how arbitrary government interference in our lives can cause major problems.

Always remember that arbitrary government interference in our lives, business, and the economy is the problem, not the solution. If only it would just get out of the way! Capitalism will save us if government gets out of the economy. Gun owners will protect themselves and be law abiding if government just stays away! Just read this great government interference meme, it says it all!

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on ParlerGab, and Facebook