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Government Failures and Climate Skepticism

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My Thoughts:

Few of the climate change fearmongers ever really stop and think about the end result of their predictions. They push for more and more government involvement to stop something that is mostly a phantom problem, yet don’t take a moment to think about what that government involvement means. Conservatives, especially more libertarian-leaning Gen Z Conservatives such as myself, do. We recognize that government involvement in climate change and industry just means more Big Government, and thus more failed Big Government experiments. It’s one of those government problems and solutions I wrote about the other day. That’s why a healthy appreciation of government failures and climate skepticism go hand in hand.

Sure, the environment might be changing. However, it should be noted that most of the so-called evidence about that is just climate change lies. Many glaciers are increasing in size, not shrinking, for example.

But, for the sake of this post, let’s say Earth is heating up somewhat. What are we supposed to do? The US has dramatically cut its carbon footprint, now even some steel mills are powered by solar energy! Just read this article about that to see a free-market solution to the climate change problem.

Are we supposed to go to war with the top polluting countries to stop them from polluting? War is bad for the environment, so that seems like a bad decision. Or perhaps stop those countries from developing and raising their standard of living through the use of fossil fuels? To me, that seems evil.

So there’s little we can do other than hope that the free market will find a solution and capitalism will save us. Chances are, it will. That’s why I think a recognition of government failures and climate skepticism are so closely linked. Government is the problem and capitalism is the solution, not the other way around.

The Real Goal of Climate Alarmists

So, if Big Government can’t fix the climate, what is the real goal of climate alarmism? Control over us. Gun control is about controlling us. That’s obvious. Why would climate control be any different?

The main climate alarmists are pushing increasingly impossible Big Government solutions to climate change. Those solutions won’t ever work. The government can’t really control people and what they do or produce, just read Narconomics. Prohibition is impossible, so people will keep polluting if they think it is in anyway profitable to do so.

So at the end of the day, climate alarmism is all about control. Don’t be fooled. Just look at past government failures. You’ll immediately see why sensible people are skeptical of the idea that the government could do anything to stop a natural phenomenon.

Recognizing government failure and climate skepticism go hand in hand. They’re natural viewpoints because they’re both founded on fact rather than emotion.

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By: Gen Z Conservative