October 30, 2020

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Government and the Roads

Government and the Roads

My Take on the government and the roads:

I usually find it funny when conservatives and libertarians debate and the topic of the roads eventually comes up. The debate over “who would build the roads” is a classic and funny one. Usually, more traditional conservatives state that the government is the only entity that would ever build roads. Because they are not very profitable, no private company would even try to. Or so goes the logic. I don’t agree with it one hundred percent, but it makes sense.

However, that argument is contingent on the belief that the government will maintain the roads. We have been taxed to build them and are taxed through vehicle and gas taxes to pay for their upkeep. Yet it seems as if roads deteriorate in quality every year. Year by year, potholes increase in number, paint wears away, and bridges begin to crumble.

That is unacceptable. The roads should be repaired and updated to a modern and acceptable standard. I’m not saying that we need a huge, multi-trillion dollar infrastructure bill. As I stated in my “Pelosi’s Impeachment Roadblock” post, that plan won’t work. It is too expensive and not practical. However, limited amounts of federal spending supplemented by responsible levels of state spending should be used to repair our roads. They need to be fixed.

Why It Matters:

This post might seem a bit ridiculous. Often, arguments or discussions about the roads and who would pay for them are ridiculous. I’m not trying to get into that argument. So why am I bringing this up? Because it is indicative of a larger problem.

As I describe in my “The Role of Government” post, the American federal government has a relatively limited number of responsibilities. Based on the insanely high amount we pay each year in taxes, it should be able to perform those services flawlessly. Yet it can’t. Why is that? It is because it has accepted a wide array of responsibilities that it should not have. Social Security and welfare spending suck up an inordinate amount of time and spending. Other issues, such as infrastructure, defense, and immigration, are left behind. They are neither adequately funded nor adequately focused upon.

If we are to break our current gridlock and cultural stagnation, then that needs to change. The government needs to refocus on its Constitutional priorities and begin to scale down other areas of spending.


Roads are important, but I’m not the type to make a full post about the government not filling in potholes. In my opinion, that would be ridiculous. What I am attempting to show is that the government has forgotten its primary responsibilities. At both the state and national level, governments are focused far more on their unconstitutional areas of spending and than their constitutionally mandated ones. Welfare and entitlements should not be a government priority. The Constitution does not mention entitlement spending at any point (it does mention “the general welfare,” however).

So what should the government focus on when spending our money? The things we are taxed to pay for. Defense, the judicial process, and infrastructure, with immigration control falling under the defense umbrella. Those are all areas that the government is well equipped to handle and is constitutionally mandated to handle. Because of that mandate and expertise, it should focus on them.

This meme about government and the roads is really about much more. It is really about the American government’s dereliction of its duties to the American people. It should start to rectify that by fixing the roads.

By: Gen Z Conservative


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