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GOP Leaders Back Trump, Slam Clinton As Durham Bombshell Detonates

While some on the GOP side are known RINOs, using their positions of power not to advance any legitimate agenda but instead to slake the thirst of their massive egos while preying on the fears and needs of the common man, others are actual conservatives that are at least somewhat willing to fight, especially when the evil and depravity of the left is on full display.

With Durham’s bombshell about Hillary’s campaign spying on Trump having dropped recently and detonated, sending shockwaves through the political world, all those Republicans at all willing to stand up and fight are finally doing so, rousing themselves to fight as they should have done years ago.

But, still, fighting late is better than not fighting at all, and fighting they finally are. Well, “fighting” as well they’re able as the party out of power: mercilessly harassing the left on Twitter and pledging that fire will rain down from the heavens when they’re back in power. Doubtful, perhaps, but it’s still worth knowing what they say so that we can at least try to hold them to it after they are swept back into DC on the crest of a red wave. With that in mind, here are some of the better responses, many of the tweets found by Breitbart:

Ronna McDaniel, for example, RNC chair said “Durham’s report shows that the Trump campaign and White House were illegally spied on, paid for by the Clinton campaign. There needs to be accountability.”

Also demanding accountability was Sen. Rick Scott, who said:“They spied on the President of the United States,” he repeated. “They spied and they lied. We need accountability. We need accountability for the Clinton campaign, we need accountability for Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler, because they were complicit in this. So, the media needs to start doing their job, talk about exactly what’s coming out, and hold these people accountable. On top of that, the attorney general – Garland – he needs to be out there making sure that Durham has all the resources he needs to do a thorough investigation.

Similarly, Donald Trump Jr., ripping the media and Team Clinton on Hannity, said:

Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), wrote “Evidence is out that Hillary Clinton and her campaign allegedly paid tech companies to manufacture a false narrative that Donald Trump was linked with Russia.”

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Ted Cruz ripped into Hillary too, saying “Hillary’s lawyer conspired with a tech executive to spy on the sitting President. When Trump said this was happening, the media mocked him. Now the corrupt corporate media is trying to ignore it & hide the truth. These criminals NEED TO GO TO JAIL. #WorseThanWatergate

Dashing the corrupt Clinton Campaign against the rocks in a few short words, young, firebrand conservative Rep. Madison Cawthorn dubbed it the “Clinton Crime Campaign.

Echoing the tech concern of Blackburn was Rep. Jordan, who said “A tech company hacked the White House and spied on a sitting President. This should concern everyone. But the mainstream media refuses to cover it.

Even Kevin McCarthy joined in to slam Clinton, writing “Democrats got caught spying, first on candidate Trump and then when he was President IN THE WHITE HOUSE. The Russia hoax was a lie from day one—manufactured by his political enemies—and every person involved with this un-American activity must be brought to justice.


As could be expected, Sen. Josh Hawley, one of the strongest conservatives in Congress, wrote “Now we know. The 2016 Clinton campaign was a criminal enterprise. Paying tech executives to infiltrate Trump servers & the White House. Time for someone to go to jail.