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Good-by American Republic: From Election Steal to Military Coup

By Garrett Ward Sheldon

As the Democrats realize they cannot win the next Presidential Election with the massive voter fraud of 2020, they are already planning a new strategy:  a military coup. They will fake a “domestic terrorist” insurrection, as January 6, declare a state of emergency, establish Marshall Law and rule directly by force. Goodbye, American Republic.

They just have too much to lose, after this administration’s ramming through its radical agenda (State socialism; open border globalism; Drug Cartel dominance; CRT and D.I.E. education; Medico-ocracy; China/Russia deals; corruption-city) to allow a Republican victory

Is there a way to prevent this, short of the only real way:  The Grace of God? Well, “forewarned is forearmed” as they say. Getting the word out that this is a potential danger and warning that it will mean massive poverty, misery, injustice, loss of every right and freedom for every American except a tiny minority of Cabalists, may prevent or at least quickly counter such a coup. Patriotic members of the military, government, media, even DNC, may realize the disaster here and stand up against it.

Realization that a Civil War, prompted by this coup, will be messy and destructive may persuade even coupers that they should return to the Rule of Law.

Professor Garrett Ward Sheldon is a regular contributor to GENZ Conservative. He took a Ph.D. in Political Theory at Rutgers University and studied at The New School for Social Research in New York.  He has lectured at Oxford University; Moscow University; The University of Vienna, Austria; and Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland.

His books include: The History of Political Theory: Ancient Greece to Modern America; The Political Philosophy of James Madison and A Memoir.

He has received numerous awards, including “The Outstanding Faculty in Virginia Award”, has been a past advisor to the White House and a Delegate to the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee Policy Conference in Washington, D. C.