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“Going to Fix It”: Did Trump Just Declare His Candidacy?

Is President Trump running in 2024? That’s the question gnawing at the mind of many a Republican right now.

On one hand, if he runs then we’ll have the proven MAGA patriot back in the driver’s seat, with Trump all but certain to win in 2024 if Biden keeps wrecking the country. The cost, as many who aren’t overly fond of constantly fighting the culture war see it, is that everything will be a battle.

Trump tends to bring out the worst and loudest in leftists, so with him back in the limelight you can be sure that every leftie you know will be going berserk. But the reward is having the original MAGA fighter, the guy we know will go toe to toe with the left for us, back in charge, this time on the vengeance trail.

On the other hand is DeSantis. If Trump decides, for whatever reason, not to run, then DeSantis will likely be the GOP’s guy. DeSantis, while effective, is a good bit less “out there” than Trump, so many think he’d bring fewer fights with him. I think that’s wrongheaded, with the leftist meltdown over the parental rights bill being Exhibit A as to why: the left will go crazy if a conservative gets anything done.

But, still, many people see DeSantis as the “calmer” Trump, and are thus all in on him, particularly if Trump decides not to run.

Well, Trump might have just all but announced his run during his most recent rally.

He began by describing the stakes of the midterms as high and ripping into Biden, saying:

“The stakes of this year’s midterm elections could not be higher. I don’t think we’ve ever had a time in our country where we felt so low, so dejected. What’s going on is absolutely unacceptable.

“We’re living through the most dangerous period of our lifetime. And we have a president who has no idea what’s going on. He has no idea what he’s doing, and he’s got no idea what he’s saying or where he is. Other than that, he’s doing a fantastic job.

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Then, after a good bit more thrashing of the left for how it has mishandled everything, Trump turned to the topic of why he was there and all but declared his candidacy, saying:

Isn’t it nice, I’m saying it’s not irreparable?. We can fix it. Otherwise, there’s no reason for me to be here. We can fix it. We’re going to fix it. What a shame.”

What does that mean? Perhaps Trump was just talking, as he’s known to do, but it seems more likely that he was dropping a massive bomb on the 2024 race: he’s running again. He himself said that “we,” meaning the crowd and he, can fix “it,” and that if that isn’t possible then “there’s no reason” for him to be there.

If he’s not planning on running, if he’s not planning on fixing things, then why say that?

Trump, based on that, looks like he’s planning on running again. It’s time for conservatives to lace up their culture war boots and get ready for the (peaceful) political fight of a lifetime.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.