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Go Woke, Go Broke: Woke Starbucks Forced to Close More Stores Thanks to Skyrocketing Crime in Blue City

Coffee retail giant Starbucks announced it would continue with its promise to close more stores amid skyrocketing crime in Democrat-run cities across the country. Unsurprisingly, the flagship store in downtown New Orleans became the latest victim of runaway criminal activity and rampant homelessness. 

Just the other day, we reported that New Orleans had supplanted St. Louis as the murder capital of America. 

Along with this dubious distinction, it can now also be said that Democrat-controlled New Orleans joins other deep-blue, blighted communities such as Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. as having lost Starbucks locations as a result of their George Soros-funded approach to enabling crime.

With no end in sight to combatting runaway criminal behavior and protecting citizens, then, Fox News wrote that Starbucks’ current leader anticipates yet even more closures in the near future. 

Interim Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz warned that the initial closures were “just the beginning” and more permanent closures were anticipated. 

“We are beginning to close stores,” because of safety issues, Schultz said in a video posted on social media in July. “This is just the beginning. There are going to be many more.” took it a step further, adding specifics to the already-dreadful narrative of New Orleans and the once-popular Canal district.

Shootings on Canal, a main thoroughfare in downtown New Orleans, are not uncommon. A woman was killed and a man and a dog were injured in a shooting near the University Medical Center on Canal Street last month. In July, two men were injured in a shootout near Roosevelt Way. In 2019, seven people were shot near the McDonald’s restaurant directly across the street from the Starbucks

Amazingly, Starbucks spun the entire failure and ineptitude of Democrat stewardship on external factors. Rather than admit condoning habitual drug use, releasing violent thugs without prison time, and allowing tent encampments to crop up in and around urban centers are not healthy decisions for society, Starbucks instead went in the other direction. Fox continued:

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Workers are “seeing firsthand the challenges facing our communities — personal safety, racism, lack of access to healthcare, a growing mental health crisis, rising drug use, and more,” senior vice presidents of U.S. operations for Starbucks said back in July.

When in doubt, just blame racism. Of course, Starbucks is punting the problem just as the sheltered rich, white leftists on Martha’s Vineyard did. Reminiscent of that recent shellacking from Florida governor Ron DeSantis, Starbucks has been preaching one thing – diversity, tolerance, and inclusion – while practicing quite another. Just like the racist xenophobes on the exclusive Massachusetts island, Starbucks is deporting the problem so that it can keep its community unsullied. 

Starbucks simply can’t do anything right. It famously made international news in 2018 after two suspicious black men were sitting in a Philadelphia location  without ever ordering a drink. When one asked to use the restroom, he was told it was for paying customers only. Naturally, instead of buying a beverage, the man returned to his seat and eventually police were called to the location.

Starbucks then closed down all 8,000 stores for an entire day to train its staff on “unconscious bias.” Perhaps Democrat leaders would do well to take a few days off and learn about human nature and lowering crime in their cities.