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Glorious Meltdown! Colin Kaepernick Trends And Twitter Erupts Over Aaron Rodgers’ $200 Million Contract

The racist, white-hating, America-hating hypocrite Colin Kaepernick is trending AGAIN. And once again, it’s not for the right reasons (such as saving a drowning baby). No, per usual, the long knives are out over fits of selfish covetousness, cheap race grifting, and utter cluelessness.

The announcement that future Hall of Famer Aaron Rodgers of MVP and Super Bowl-winning renown, was being awarded with a gargantuan contract was simply too much for small-minded, soulless trolls to handle.

One of the benefits of the Twitter cesspool is that it reveals so much about people. After learning that Rodgers would be earning a huge payday, rather than acknowledge some basic truths about his stellar career performance and his singular ability to carry a team to the playoffs, mindless twats sent out tweets crying about the inherent racism and unfairness in the league.

Aaron Rodgers is white! Aaron Rodgers listened to Joe Rogan for medical advice! He took ivermectin! He lied about his vaccination status! Wah!

Just take a look at how the internet responded:

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Far be it from me to point out that Aaron Rodgers wins games each season. Kaepernick won games in one season. So there’s that. Moreover, if anyone has the right to claim oppression, I’d argue it’s Rodgers. I mean, here’s a guy that could have lost out on a justified MVP season as a result of his personal medical decisions surrounding the plandemic. A voter really said this:

“I just think that the way he’s carried himself is inappropriate. I think he’s a bad guy [because of Covid stuff], and I don’t think a bad guy can be the most valuable guy at the same time.”

The establishment loves Kaepernick, but NFL owners love Rodgers. You know why? The former is run by stupid, selfish, self-entitled, whiny brats whereas the latter wants to win. The NFL has absolutely no issue paying black players.

See: The entire NFL. What’s more, they have paid handsome sums of money to slingers like Lamar Jackson, Patrick Mahomes, and Russell Wilson. Are they suddenly racist when one obnoxious loudmouth goes on a social justice crusade? It’s asinine.

Good for Rodgers. I hope Kaepernick wakes up everyday just a little more miserable than the day before knowing that he lives a gigantic lie.

This story syndicated with permission from The Blue State Conservative