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The Globalist Carving Up of America

By: David Gignac

America is being carved up one slice at a time, not like a loaf of bread but from every direction at once. The Globalists (still a list too long to publish) have implemented a pandemic (the efficacy of which is in question because now, reportedly, the CCP is developing a virus that will only target Americans) but whether it is, in one way or another accidental, it has affected our country more profoundly than anything but all-out war could.

You would think that Americans would come together to defeat the disease but it seems that everything about it, from its origins to its possible cure has been divisive and corrosive of our unity. School teachers, once an organizing and calming influence have risen up in the most panty-waisted display of selfishness ever seen, to destroy our children’s and young adults’ learning paradigms. Teachers, practically the first vaccinated refused to work (at full pay and benefits of course) until Covid was eradicated from the Earth. I bet they would sing a different tune if they were let go and had no paycheck like the less elite among us.

The Military has declared ‘wokeism‘ to be more important than strategic and tactical proficiency, diversity and inclusivity are more important than protecting our shores and borders (a subject for later) and Critical Race Theory, a unabashedly racist doctrine is part of every command training exercise.

We also accept CRT, actual racism, as curriculum in our grade schools, high schools, Universities and graduate schools.

It, along with ‘Transgender Story Hour’, is taught in kindergarten, and any pushback from educators and parents is met with condemnation from the President on down to the actors guild (bunch of useless play actors themselves). Those icons of clean living have the audacity to lecture working Americans who dare to want to go back to earning a living from their Beverly Hills mansions sitting on their wealth and residuals. It seems the middle class was the real target of the scamdemic, the poor and working class were treated to gov’t handouts that still pay many people more than they can make at work forcing small businesses to scramble for scarce labor or go out of business. White House spokesdummy Jen Psaki said that businesses struggle with labor shortages should pay higher wages. I don’t know if the freckled clown ever ran a business but wages are set by what you can sell your goods and services for and by forcing higher wages by letting the government outbid the business for labor is at the very least a prescription for inflation or business failure but maybe that is what they want, less middle class, more government and more ruling elite.

China’s economy has revived nicely from all reports, the belt and road is proceeding apace and is continuing to increase its power. They, the CCP, have swallowed Hong Kong (with barely a peep from the US) the Chinese are saber-rattling  (would that be Katana rattling) against Taiwan (without a peep out of the US, did I say that before?) 

It makes me wonder: Is Biden just a Chinese cuckold or is he complicit (or the third option; does China hold some economic or embarrassing secret against the US or its President or Hunter? We are abandoning Iraq and Afghanistan, which in either case significant blood and treasure being lost is a footnote in the cut and run at all cost strategy of the Biden administration (my guess is it is at the behest of ‘the squad’). Again I ask is there a financial or political motivation that we aren’t being told (well of course there is)? But what? Even a corrupt Buffoon like Joe Biden could figure out what would happen when he withdrew in the dead of night leaving all of our infrastructure and armaments for the Taliban et al to use. Nobody, not one of us, really wanted to be a presence in that sandbox but as far as adding stability to a region that is inherently unstable and a prize that China will happily accept, warts and all. The cost of maintaining the existing arraignment is completely negligible, we had one combat death in Afghanistan in the last year and we had stability.

With our abandonment of our commitment to our allies and to stability our allies will not look to the US for leadership but will question our ability to hold to any deal no matter how fortuitous due to our political instability. Nation-building is something every conservative disdains and promises not to do but the opposite of nation-building we were the only defense our former allies had against being conquered by a 12th-century ideology that will undoubtedly behead our former allies.

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The detractors inside our country, birthed and raised by an education system so committed to socialism, statism and the Marxist dreams espoused in the Ayn Rand novel Anthem (1) where children are born and raised to be featureless and known to each other by a number assigned at birth (interestingly they all knew what gender they were) and performed their tasks, that were assigned to them by a lottery, procreated by having sex with their prescribe partner during a mating ritual once a year (the details are a little vague as I read the book and did a book report on it in 3rd grade almost 60 years ago).

They are taught our nation is made evil, from its conception, by racism that is contained in our DNA and the ‘DNA’ of the nation despite grand and lofty evidence to the contrary. To the Lefty Democrats our nation needs to be torn down root and branch and reformed, ostensibly to be more inclusive of otherness, and random perversions of humanity. Namely, the 57 (at last count) genders that can be changed in to and out of at a moment’s notice and used by perverts to gain access to women’s and girls’ bathrooms, locker rooms and gyms and gain access to the attention of our sisters and daughters and much worse.

These things destroy the continuity and cohesiveness of the country, whether it is part of a larger plot or just the outgrowth of a society exploring and embracing every stray thought and emotion that enters the public consciousness through inclusion and race theory. I firmly don’t care if someone identifies as a baloney sandwich as long as they don’t bother children or that I don’t have to participate in their weirdness. But we are told we have to participate, that we have to embrace what they believe and like it.

On top of this, they seek to destroy what we believe, what has been proven as true through 5000 years of Western thought. What we brought to the shores of North America, what we tried to impart to the natives, ham-handedly most of the time, was the pinnacle of thought strained down from religious and secular schools refined through Middle Age crucibles of trial by faith and trial by fire and poured out onto the new world in a deluge. Moses, Jesus,  Aristotle, Aquinas, Luther, Locke, and Jefferson, Lincoln, Edison, Churchill, JFK, MLK, LBJ, and Reagan all contributed to the wonders of our thought, our reason, and our body politic. There are millions more great and small that have contributed to the amazing whole of this nation. Just as I wouldn’t stand where I do and think what I think were it not for my parents and grandparents New York and Boston wouldn’t be what they became without London and Londonderry. The collected wisdom of Western civilization washed ashore with Columbus and the Pilgrims.

And what did we take from the Indians for these wonderful gifts? The natives that were barely past drawing pictures of the great hunt on cave walls and stampeding wildlife over cliffs as their forebears had done for millennia. What would have become of them if Columbus hadn’t discovered the new world when he did. The natives of North America, a loose confederation of tribes, barely past prehistory, were never a worthy foe for the technology of Europe and Western thought that was sweeping in all directions around the globe. The natives who watched with awe and fear and who would, at any point in history, been fodder for the thresher of progress they had no reference to understand. The South American tribes, while more accomplished builders of civilization, if you can call sacrificial cults civilization, were still technologically 5000 behind the explorers. If the Spanish, as opposed to the English and French, had conquered the Northern continent, all of the riches that were extracted would have been sent home to their king instead of being used mostly to enrich this continent and grow the richest most advanced civilization yet to inhabit the Earth. A civilization that is more advanced relative to their rivals than the Romans were to the Visigoths. It remains to be seen if our corruption and internal strife will lead to our downfall to just as inferior an opponent.

It appears we are at a defining moment, a fault line, in the great experiment. Will the unique effort for men to rule themselves with just a book of laws and a set of guiding principles win the day or will the tendency toward corruption and influence-peddling bring down the long night of rule through the authority of others. If we are to succeed many things have to change. Communism is not a new force for equality in the world, it is the oldest form of government. It is a sociopolitical doctrine where a limited number of party chiefs hold power in perpetuity and govern not by the will of the people but by the dictates of their own best interest. You might say that is what America has become, and I would agree with you. Like the Soviet Politburo before 1988 the average age of the heads of government 68, the median age for the Senate was 63 in 2009. These facts don’t correspond to any trend exactly but for perspective, the average age of the Founding Fathers was 43.8 years and that included Benjamin Franklin who was 70 and old enough to be grandfather to most of the revolutionaries.

We have allowed politicians to become aristocracy with some seats being held for decades and some an almost dynastic enterprise in states like California and New York. This fosters a cottage industry of getting reelected where every 4 or 6 years the gladhanding, bribes and payoffs start with politicians promising more and more graft to their favorite constituents and biggest donors. That is how organizations like the teachers unions and UAW get so powerful by corralling votes of their members election after election and politicians promising legislation that makes the unions more powerful regardless of the good of the country.

Strong, bottomless resource lobby organizations like Pharmaceutical giants Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, and Bayer,  Health care workers and the AMA push prescription solutions that generate massive profits while colluding with their lackeys in government and media to squelch any lower-cost alternative. Even the once trusted government agencies, CDC and WHO seem to blow with the prevailing wind generated by corporate graft.

These two agencies and their oligarchic leaders, Fauci and Tedros respectively, took the corporate line with masks and treatments, even when they contradicted the info their own agencies published. There are many alternative treatment avenues to explore, alternatives to the sickness industry, which is as close to a hammer in search of a nail as ever was, creates a cure for heartburn that according to its own commercials “may cause death” when most heartburn can be fixed by a mild diet with less fried food and acidic drinks but because Americans have been so brainwashed to take a pill (whose side effects may be death) that we spend millions if not billions of dollars a year on sickness cures. If there were a profit in advertising prevention we would be inundated with those commercials.

The same in spades for the CoV2 ‘epidemic’. Early on we were told Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin were not helpful and even harmful in curing the virus. One and a half years later (seems much longer) we find out that as a preventative they are very likely useful, but not overly profitable.

So alternatively we, as taxpayers financed a gigantic effort to produce a vaccination (3 actually) that our ‘leaders’ are inching ever closer to mandating for the entire world.

Who profits and whose ox gets gored? I’ll tell you gets gored, the citizens of the world all for Pfizer profits and another step toward totalitarian rule. Forcing people, including children, to take a ‘not approved’ medication for a disease for which they have lied about the statistics, revised the numbers, and then lied about them again seems a little suspicious to me. Why are they insisting that EVERYONE gets inoculated, other than being totalitarians that is?

I have said in other articles that once I heard that Bill Gates was involved in GAVI, an organization that has a terrible success record vaccinating children in India and Africa (terrible in that lots of horrible reaction) and Klaus Schwab wants to put programmable microchips in vaccines I put 2 and 2 together and figured they plan to force everyone to take their ‘evil final solution‘ (emphasis mine).

First masks were bad then good then not useful, the absolutely necessary unless to conform 100%, punishable by censure, unless it turned to be an elite perpetrating the transgression. It was (there were many cases) pure hypocrisy when Dr. Fauci was caught at a baseball game, sans mask, after earlier in the day telling us we had to be masked constantly. 

Back to alternative medicine, if the government sickness care insurance would work more for healthcare we would have mandatory health screenings starting at age 4, previous to being able to go to school. Instead of mandatory vaccines. Deficiencies could be found out and treatments initiated. Every 5 years we could have a ‘booster’ health screening and diseases could be found and treatments started early when they could be most effective. If this sounds like socialized medicine it is as much or maybe less than Medicare and Medicaid which wait until the diseases are long past prevention and treatments unaffordably expensive.

Many years ago I read the novel “That None Should Die” by Frank G. Slaughter. It was written in 1941 was set about 2 decades earlier when the government started to involve itself in the practice of medicine and tell doctors and medical colleges how to do their jobs. Then doctors came to your house to check on the family and everyone was welcome to voice their complaints and get some treatment or another. If you were an old patient and the doctor had time, if the mule were doing poorly he would take a look at it too. If you are going to argue against socialized medicine you should have started approximately 100 years ago.

I argue against the bastardized system we have now that drives up cost and takes healthcare decisions away from individuals to hand them into the grasping hands of the insurance companies and government bureaucrats. It is not the worst of both worlds but borrows some of the bad from both to make a burdensome, expensive and unwieldy mish mash that government keeps adding layers of bureaucracy to, thinking that they can fix it. The bureaucracies have taken over the normal function of government and have in short order run wild, drunk on newly acquired power. And now to get healthcare insurance, because regulation and insurance have made treatment unaffordable, you aren’t even allowed to choose the doctor you may have been going to for decades (like me) if he is not in an approved pool determined by insurance companies. It is insanity caused by the slow drift toward socialism, where everything is free but nothing works.

It is the small d deep state run wild. Bureaucracy on top of bureaucracy intertwined with unions and their money deciding what laws and regulations to tie America up with next. The worst of these are the educational bureaucracies. Whether making, top down, one size fits all proclamations from DOE, usurping the rights of state and school districts, or the all-encompassing federal money in higher education we are controlled. When we had the ‘Little Red Schoolhouse’ and College and University education paid for by the student we had the unquestioned finest graduates on earth. In the attempt to educate more degreed professionals we have cheapened the product and driven up the cost. And by flooding the system with ‘gov’t money’ for education we have encouraged those who cared more about a free ride and less those who cared about improving themselves and society. Also, we have allowed communist schools of thought like equity and diversity instead of scholarship and excellence. We have a fine system with high-tech modern schools, heated, air-conditioned, audio/visual aids, maybe computers but failing students, nothing works.

During Covid the teacher unions took every opportunity to shirk their duties, at full pay, and leave the parents and students stranded in a sea of Zoom classes and public school attempts at distance learning that were ineffective, at best. For the most part our kids lost an entire year of education. And it continues today

Northam Orders Masks on Faces of Virginia Students (2)

Everyone hated these measures (except the Elites) but we soldiered on like good Americans. I am naturally cynical and cantankerous so masks were never going to be part of the program with me, I just avoided everyone (easy peasy) and had read much about Agenda 21 so I was on the lookout for the medical malfeasance and when 2 weeks to slow the spread started edging longer I went on the offensive gaining as much knowledge as I could (real knowledge, not CDC propaganda) and letting people in on what has turned out to be the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on mankind. (Piltdown man eat your heart out).

According to Johns Hopkins’ timeline of the pandemic,(3) the first case of the coronavirus was confirmed in the United States on January 21, 2020 – four months after the Fed initiated its monster amounts of Repo Loans. The Repo Loans grew exponentially in September, October, November and December of 2019. But both the Fed and mainstream media have decided to characterize the mega Wall Street banks as providing strength in the pandemic, rather than the uncomfortable fact that their bailout began four months prior to the coronavirus outbreak. Acknowledging that reality is essential to acknowledgment that the Fed is a failed federal regulator of the Wall Street megabanks and Congress must radically restructure the regulatory regime and strip the Fed of its supervisory powers over the banks.

Also, there’s the the financial malfeasance of biblical proportions.


As regular readers of Wall Street On Parade know well, we have pounded the drum for two years now regarding the fact that the Fed’s massive deployment of Repo Loans beginning on September 17, 2019 was the actual start date of both the latest Wall Street crisis and the ensuing bailout of Wall Street, rather than the Wall Street crisis starting with the pandemic.

The unintended consequence that happened though was that it uncovered the anti-American doctrine of the government education system and teachers unions. Educated in colleges and universities that had been teaching curriculum approved by the Confucius institute these educators indoctrinated generations of students, some of whom went into teaching professions themselves carrying on and improving the subtle but persistent hatred of democracy and free enterprise. Until recently, this had largely gone unnoticed because the  American taxpayer believed that American educators would share their love of Truth, Justice and the American Way but unfortunately just the opposite was true.

Now we are faced with classroom after classroom passed through the system indoctrinated in the love of government control, not to think for themselves but to look to the system to tell them what to think and what thought is not allowed. Again the Ayn Rand novel Anthem is an excellent source to illustrate the outcome of this.

And if we are to reverse this trend we have to immediately repudiate the indoctrination in school board meetings, local elections and telephone calls to your representatives. This is a surprisingly effective course of action as most politicians will shy away from coordinated opposition to anything and if they think their job is in jeopardy they will alter their course away from the problem. Also, like alternative medicine, alternative education is a great way to make the school district back away from a collectivist or CRT/racist agenda.

First we need legislation that allows our tax dollars to follow the student and get them out of government schools. The Zoom class experience we saw was doable if administered by a group, dedicated to the good of the child not the perfidy of teachers seeking to get paid to do nothing.

If a K-12 curriculum were developed and tax credits, rebates and incentives given to parents and educators with accreditation to programs with quantifiable, results based, certification, then the ‘free’ government schools could fight over a smaller pie with which to educate the thousands of illegal school children that have been imported. Over 19,000 unaccompanied underage migrants have been allowed to crash our borders potentially to be taken up into the communist indoctrination of the school system. 1000’s of these will have ‘variants’ of the Covid which will make them part of the taxpayer funded, vaccination programs.

Ben Franklin: “A Republic if we can keep it”

Don’t give up, don’t give in, hold the line, and remember, in the end God wins.