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Red Flags and Ghost Guns: Slow Joe’s Gun Control Diktats

Creepy Joe’s Gun Control Executive Orders: Red Flag Laws and No More Ghost Guns

Well, it finally happened. After all those articles on if the 2nd Amendment would survive Joe Biden, his ignorance of the 2nd Amendment, and his calls for gun control, he finally went ahead with signing anti-2nd Amendment gun control executive orders that are primarily targeted against ghost guns and aim to strengthen the probably unconstitutional red flag laws.

While announcing them, Biden stated that his EOs wouldn’t harm our ability to keep and bear arms…because that makes sense. Sure, he wants to prohibit you from owning certain guns that the powers that be deem unacceptable. And yes, red flag laws will give the jackbooted stormtroopers in the ATF the ability to barge in your home and seize your guns if they think you’re not fit to own them. But, according to slow Joe, that doesn’t impact your right to keep and bear arms.

Now, color me confused. You see, the 2nd Amendment, in the immense wisdom of the Founding Fathers, was set up so that the right to keep and bear arms is something that shall not be infringed. Are ghost guns arms? Yes, they are. Then you should be able to own them without government interference. Do red flag laws impact your right to keep arms? Yes, they do. Those red flag laws are unconstitutional. And both Executive Orders from Slow Joe violate that whole “shall not be infringed” part of the 2nd Amendment.

Now is the time to declare “no more” and stand athwart the seemingly unstoppable tide of leftism. Go Galt.

Tell the cops to screw off if they ask about what guns you own.

Live in a small town in the Southeast where people will agree with you and the laws are amenable to firearm ownership.

Explain to everyone how red flag laws will be used for thought control purposes and why ghost guns are important in that they can’t be tracked by the feds.

Pressure your state legislature to nullify federal gun control laws. Pressure your town to declare itself a 2nd Amendment sanctuary.

If anyone in your community speaks in favor of gun control, first try to convince them of the error of their ways. If they won’t be convinced, shun them. They want to take your rights away; they want you to be left defenseless at the hands of criminals and tyrants. Why be friends with them?

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Joe Biden’s executive orders are immoral, unconstitutional, and absolutely ludicrous. No crimes are committed with ghost guns. Red flag laws are a blatant attack on the 2nd Amendment. Gun control not only doesn’t work, but it actually leads to increased crime. These new laws make no sense, constitutionally or practically. We can’t give in to them. Never surrender your weapons.

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on Parler, Gab, and Facebook

1 thought on “Red Flags and Ghost Guns: Slow Joe’s Gun Control Diktats”

  1. *In Fatale Die Tempus

    Somewhere out there in this rapidly darkening Land of Liberty are two people, each destined to an ominous fate when they meet. One person is a Patriot, a defender of the Rights and Liberties given to man by God, and the other poor damned soul is a Coward, a representative of his Leader Satan and his plan to deprive the Patriot of his right to pursue Life, Liberty, and Happiness. The Patriot is in possession of a tool, a weapon, in this day in age- a firearm. The Coward holds in hand a piece of paper, a tyrannical dictate, in this day in age- a law. Both believe utterly in their ideological ground and intend to see their ends met, regardless of the means. No one knows this *fateful day in time, but it must come, and there can be only one outcome, and that outcome will irrevocably determine the future of our country.

    One or both of these individuals may die as a result of this meeting.

    One day the Coward will be ordered by his Leader to carry the piece of paper to the Patriot in order to deprive the Patriot of that tool which helps insure the preservation of the Patriot’s rights accorded to him by God. This ‘order’ will be issued to the Patriot in the name of ‘Peace and Safety of the Nation’. Ostensibly that the rights of the Patriot are some sort of ‘privilege’ that somehow deprives others of their rights.

    This is the lie that Satan employs that perverts the mind of the Coward.

    The outcome of this VERY FIRST interaction will cast the die, and cast it in such fashion that will inevitably bring bloodshed to the Nation in a manner it has not experienced since its’ existential struggle known as The Civil War. For the American Nation to maintain possession of those aforementioned God-Given Rights and Liberties that Patriot must intentionally and inevitably; and with full knowledge of the consequences, use that self-same tool to slay that Coward and all who accompany him. This must happen at that VERY FIRST instance and at EVERY instance thereafter until the tyrant leader and his cohort of cowards are themselves destroyed, or the Light of Liberty is extinguished by the blood of the Patriot and his brothers.


    Benjamin Martin
    New Guard of the Republic

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