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Meme: Get Ready for Inflation

Hopefully, the $3.5 trillion “infrastructure” bill won’t be passed.

And not just because it’s full of leftist policies. Green Energy, “human infrastructure,” and all the other BS they’ve packed into that portapotty of a bill is terrible, but the effect of spending yet more money will be even worse than subsidizing and funding all those leftist programs.

Why? Just look at Weimar Germany. Take a peek at Zimbabwe. Or Venezuela, if you want to see somewhere a bit closer to home.

All were, before their collapse, prosperous.

Pre-WWI Germany was a wealthy, industrialized nation. Rhodesia was the breadbasket of Africa. Venezuela was incredibly wealthy for a South American country, especially before Chavez took over, and, though it struggled, remained bearable enough to live in until Maduro took over. But then the governments of those now-hellish nations printed too much money.

The result was, looking back on it, predictable. Banknotes worth nothing. Money used as fuel for winter fires. Economic collapse.

Yes, what the governments of those nations chose to spend the money on was terrible, especially in Zimbabwe and Venezuela. But the fact that so much was printed in the first place was a huge problem, one we can’t ignore.

Inflation is coming. While we like to pretend it will remain at a few percent, there’s no reason that it will have to. Just look at the inflation in the Carter years. If the government spends trillions more, just months after expanding the money supply by ~20% in one year, economic disaster may follow. That added spending might push us over the edge into hyperinflation.

Sadly, Mitch the RINO has already backed down. Start calling your Senators and demand they fight the bill to fight inflation!

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By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on Parler and Gettr.