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Watch: Geriatric Joe Led Off Stage by “Dr.” Jill

Though the White House pretends all is well and makes the absurd claim that Brandon is as mentally sharp as ever, that’s obviously not the case.

Between the gaffes, the nonsensical rambling, and the terrible policy choices, it’s quite obvious that Brandon isn’t doing well and that his brain cell count is falling faster than his approval ratings.

Well, we got more evidence of his decrepit state on Wednesday, when video footage of “Dr.” Jill having to lead him off stage and help him about the room came out:

The video comes after Brandon gave a speech about a cancer “moonshot,” calling for more to be done to research cancer. The full speech can be watched here:

It’s a fine idea, though it shows that Brandon knows he’s so unpopular that now he’s reverting to obvious attempts to use government resources to boost his popularity, such as by going after cancer.

In any case, our enemies must be laughing hysterically after watching feeble, geriatric Joe being led off stage oh so gingerly by his fake doctor of a wife.

Our enemies, China and Iran especially, respect strength. They might hate us and want us to be defeated, but even they know not to attack or mess with America when it’s strong, as it was under Trump.

But when we’re weak, that’s when our enemies start to act up. And how could they not think we’re weak when the President of the United States is being led around like an old man being ushered towards his bingo seat?

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The answer, of course, is that they do see us as weak. They see Brandon’s failing mind, see his physical frailty, and notice his obvious inability to do much of anything. They will take advantage of that and it’ll be a dark day for America.

One commenter on Twitter noticed as much too, saying “what a embarrassment, the whole world is watching a abuser leading her child off the stage, and for what so she could be first lady, as far as I’m concerned she is no lady.

Another, noting Brandon’s obvious lack of leadership ability due to his obvious dementia, said:

That is exactly how I had to lead my mother when she had dementia. Don’t be gaslighted by the media. If you’ve ever lived with a family member with it can spot all the signs instantly. This man is NOT fit to lead Jack shit.

Still, the bright spot must be found, the silver lining must always be recognized. That silver lining is that the comments are hilarious, especially on Twitter, a burning dumpster fire of a comedy special. This one was one of my favorites, though others were good:

Another, framing the issue in a way that hilariously shows Brandon’s mental state, said:

When Biden finished his reading on Cancer, he walked to both sides of the stage where people were standing. Finally a masked woman walked up onto the stage and whispered in Biden’s ear. He pulled out his mask and held it up as to say I’m putting on my mask now. Dementia Joe.

Brandon’s obvious mental frailty is bad for America and a boon to our enemies. But sometimes it sure is funny to watch the radical leftists struggle.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.