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George Washington on Preserving Peace

The Quote by George Washington on preserving peace:

“To be prepared for war is one of the most effective means of preserving peace.” -George Washington on Preserving Peace

My Take:

This quote by George Washington on preserving peace is an excellent one. Like his other quotes, it is a great quote because it speaks to the modern day. For example, I recently analyzed his quote about studying politics in a post titled “George Washington on Studying Politics.” He was such a great president because he was able to speak about issues that were relevant to both his day and our day.

In his day, America had to desperately try to look strong to avoid being invaded. With the guidance of men like Washington and Thomas Jefferson, it was able to do so. Luckily, modern America does not find itself in such dire straights. However, we do find ourselves desperately needing to understand this quotation on the best way to preserve the peace. Without a thorough understanding of it, we will almost certainly end up in a war. Perhaps a war that we will lose.

How it relates to modern America:

One of the many self-created problems that modern America has created is that our enemies no longer respect us. As this Washington quote would lead you to think, that makes it harder to preserve the peace. Obama’s false promises and fake red lines meant that other nations no longer believed us. Instead, Russia, China, and Iran openly defied the US and US-backed international community. On issues from Syria, to Crimea, to the South China Sea, America found itself inching towards conflict and seemingly without a commanding voice in world affairs.

Had America’s leaders at the time, namely Obama and Hillary Clinton, studied this Washington quote, then they would not have created that situation. America would not have looked weak on the world stage, found itself inching closer to war, or with a weakened military. Defense spending would not have plummeted, leaving us without enough F-35s or warships. We need those instruments of American power to preserve our deterrence capabilities. Without them, we are less able to project power around the the world.

However, Trump has changed that somewhat. In striking Assad’s forces to punish them for a gas attack, he showed the world that America is back. He showed that America had found its backbone again. That peace can only be preserved if America looks strong. Normally, I don’t support getting involved in the Middle East. That area is a black hole of American lives and resources and we should stay away from it. But, I do think Trump made the right decision that time because it showed the world and region that America was back and ready to defend its interests again.


Despite Trump’s advances, America still needs to make some changes. We are still inching towards war with countries like Iran. Additionally, we should be focused on preserving the peace rather than starting new wars in the Middle East.

So, what should America’s strategy be? How can we preserve the peace and prepare for war? By building up our military but not using it. As I talked about in a post about the F-35 called “The Truth about the F-35“, that fighter jet is an excellent platform that gives America a decisive advantage. Additionally, by pursuing cost effective technologies such as lasers for fighter jets and other planes, America can regain its overwhelming military advantage. By developing that advantage, we can preserve the peace.

Yet that advantage in force is not an excuse to act unilaterally in the world. Acting unilaterally erodes faith in America, drains our resources, and often leads to war rather than peace. Instead, we should use our military and economic advantages to make sure other nations comply with the liberal international system. That system of free trade and prosperity is built on peace through strength. We need to remain strong to keep it functional.

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This quote by George Washington on preserving peace is crucial for America. As long as we are prepared for war, we can keep the peace. Through keeping the peace we will remain prosperous and a world leader. That path is easy, it only requires further strengthening our armed forces, and then using restraint once they are strong again. We just have to listen to Washington. He gives some pretty good advice.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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