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George Washington on Guns and Trust

The Quote by George Washington on Guns and Trust:

“When any nation mistrusts its citizens with guns, it is sending a clear message. It no longer trusts its citizens because such a government has evil plans.” -George Washington on Guns and Trust


I choose this quote by George Washington on Guns and Trust because of how important it is in the context of what is happening in Venezuela. Free people can own guns. Their guns are what protect their freedom and right to be free.

But slaves of the government cannot own guns. They are at the mercy of their system to not by tyrannical. But tyranny is rarely far off after gun control has been put into effect and gun confiscations have begun.

Communist China, socialist Venezuela, and the USSR all implemented gun control laws shortly after the new governments came to power. Then what happened? They massacred their citizens.

The scene in Venezuela a few days ago was horrifying, armored cars were running down protesters. It was similar to the scenes from Tienanmen Square in China. What were the similarities? Socialism/communism and gun control.

The world has proven George Washington right. He said that governments that implement gun control have evil plans for their citizens. Criminals break the law, it’s what they do.

Gun control laws will have no effect on them. Gun control only effects the otherwise law abiding citizens that want to own guns. Once gun control has been put into effect, they are defenseless and tyranny often ensues.


Their is a reason the 2nd Amendment exists and is so important. Yes, it defends our right to go hunting and defend ourselves from criminals. Those are good reasons to own a gun. But, firearm ownership for hunting and self-defense is not the purpose of the 2nd Amendment.

Its purpose is to defend us from tyranny. Tyrants around the globe have used gun control to disarm their citizens before implementing evil agendas.

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That is why we have to resist things like red flag laws that will allow the government to go after “thought crimes.” And why it is important that you don’t surrender your weapons. We can’t let that happen here, we have to defend the 2nd Amendment!

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on Parler, Gab, and Facebook