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George Washington on Firearm Rights

The Quote by George Washington on Firearm Rights:

“A free people ought not only to be armed, but disciplined; to which end a uniform and well-digested plan is requisite; and their safety and interest require that they should promote such manufactories as tend to render them independent of others for essential, particularly military, supplies.” -George Washington on firearm rights

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My Analysis of the George Washington Quote about the 2nd Amendment:

I think that this quote by George Washington on firearm rights is an important one because it shows Washington’s opinion on firearms, and thus the second amendment. The people should be armed. Being armed is necessary to prevent tyranny. Militias, as I discussed in my “My Thoughts on Gun Control” post, are important and were important.

But the right to keep military-style weapons in one’s home or on one’s person is even more important. It is what prevents tyranny. The government can’t take guns from us, or enforce unjust laws, if we’re all armed as equals.

It’s only when civilians are left under-armed and untrained that they are at the mercy of their government. Think, who supports gun control? The tyrants that would want to make sure you can’t defend yourself from their policies if you so choose.

That’s not a problem if you live in a land like ours was where firearm rights are respected (or, at least are for now. If Joe Biden comes to power they will not be). But, if you live in a land where there never were any political thinkers to come up with profound statements such as this one by George Washington on firearm rights, then it is a problem. A big one.

This of Hong Kong, for example. The protesters there had to defend themselves from police with bows and arrows! They were out there, protesting a corrupt and authoritarian government, without the proper weapons to resist tyranny. It’s shameful America didn’t support them as the French supported us in our hour of need.

I think that what is being said in this great quote by George Washington on firearm rights is that the people and the government should both be able to buy military supplies. Some things, like bombs and sensitive technology, should obviously be restricted to a certain. But no rifles, pistols, or shotguns should be banned because we need those to be well-armed and ready to resist government tyranny of any kind.

Those are important for keeping the government in check. All guns matter. And AR-15s are protected by the 2nd Amendment, no matter what our friends on the left might say. Our right as Americans is to own those weapons and know how to use them so that if some authoritarian do-gooder in D.C. decides to come take them, we can show them what the 2nd Amendment is really about; resisting their attempts to do so.

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America began at Lexington and Concord when brave patriots put up a stout defense against the full might of the British Empire. We have a proud history of resisting gun control, unlike many of the poor souls out there in nations that don’t recognize their natural rights. It’s time we start acting like it and defending our 2nd Amendment rights! God gave us this great nation and our rights so that they could be exercised and protected. Closely read this quote by George Washington on firearm rights and start to do so. Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.

Finally, there is something in this quote by George Washington on firearm rights that some might miss. Washington is not just saying that we should have access to firearms and be able to manufacture them. Americans will probably always be able to make guns and use them; that’s part of our national spirit. If you look closely, he also says that we need to be disciplined. That is crucial, and something that many gun owners have forgotten.

I am a strong defender of gun rights and support the right of all Americans without a criminal history to keep and bear arms. But that is a liberty with a profound responsibility attached to it. Responsibility is always the other side of liberty, as Hayek noted, but with firearms, it is even more so because a life can easily be taken with them.

So, if you are a gun owner, terrific. You are exercising your 2nd Amendment right and that is a good thing and what Washington would want. But only if you are being responsible with that firearm and training other Americans to be responsible with firearms. That is the other crucial part of this quote by George Washington on firearm rights that we must remember and act on.

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