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George Floyd Died of an Overdose

Coroner Report Reveals that George Floyd Died of an Overdose

george floyd died of an overdose
From the Hennepin County Medical Examiner

Read the full document. There was no damage to Floyd’s neck. His chest and head were uninjured by Chauvin. Neither his spine nor face were injured. So, how’d he die? Fentanyl and meth. George Floyd died of an overdose. All those protests and riots were based on a lie.

As this article said, it’s pretty obvious that George Floyd died of an overdose:

“Handwritten notes of a law enforcement interview with Dr. Andrew Baker, the Hennepin County Medical Examiner, say Floyd had 11 ng/mL of fentanyl in his system.

“If he were found dead at home alone and no other apparent causes, this could be acceptable to call an OD. Deaths have been certified with levels of 3,” Baker told investigators.”

So he was 8 units above the lethal dose. That’s what he died from. Not Chauvin’s knee.

Now, some of us have known this for a long time. Privately, I’ve been talking about it with my friend since The American Spectator published this article back in August, which claimed that, contrary to the common narrative, George Floyd died of an overdose, probably a fentanyl-related one, not from any injury sustained during his apprehension. Here’s what the article said:

“the evidence proves that, when he first encountered the police, George Floyd was well on his way to dying from a self-administered drug overdose. Moreover, far from publicly, brazenly, and against their own self-interest slowly and sadistically killing Floyd in broad daylight before civilian witnesses with video cameras, the evidence proves that the defendants exhibited concern for Floyd’s condition and twice called for emergency medical services to render aid to him. Strange behavior, indeed, for supposedly brutal law officers allegedly intent on causing him harm.

Similarly, the evidence recorded by the body cameras worn by the police conclusively establishes that Floyd repeatedly complained that he couldn’t breathe before the police restrained him on the ground. As documented by Floyd’s autopsy and toxicology reports, his breathing difficulty was caused not by a knee on his neck or pressure on his back, but by the fact that he had in his bloodstream over three times the potentially lethal limit of fentanyl, a powerful and dangerous pain medication known to shut down the respiratory system and cause coma and death. He also had in his system a lesser dose of methamphetamine, which can cause paranoia, respiratory distress, coma, and death.

Beyond those findings, his autopsy disclosed no physical injuries that could in any way account for his demise.”

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That reporting from TAS lines up with the information in the Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s report at the top of the page. George Floyd died of an overdose, not because of police brutality. His system was flooded with fentanyl and meth and his body was fine, especially his neck, which would have been crushed had he actually died from Chauvin’s actions. Additionally, he was speaking throughout the video. Were he being choked to death, he wouldn’t have been able to speak. Here are outtakes from the full video of the incident that help shed light on what really happened on that fateful day:

Between the report and the video, it’s pretty easy to tell what actually happened. George Floyd died of an overdose after the police tried to detain him. He was acting irrationally, the police tried to arrest him, he freaked out because of the drugs in his system, and the police tried to restrain him. Then, while that was happening, an out-of-context video was taken that set the country alight and devastated small businesses. Months of Democrat-supported riots followed, largely because of the lies that stemmed from Floyd’s death.

The Chauvin trial is gearing up. It will end with Chauvin being found not guilty. Even had Floyd died because of Chauvin rather than drugs, the charge of 2nd-degree murder is an overcharge. But, in any case, George Floyd died of an overdose, not police brutality, so Chauvin isn’t guilty and won’t be found guilty. Get ready for another summer of discontent.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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