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The General’s White Rage

Editor’s Note: The “general” to whom Jack is referring is General Mark Milley, our current Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Click here for details on Milley’s comments to which Jack alludes.

General, I got some ideas about that white rage you wanna see. I’ve seen it several times on TV. It’s always these ugly, pretend college students, stringy-haired and marching alongside BLM, busting windows and burning down Taco Bells. If you really wanna know what white rage looks like, show up at a BLM production next time some black criminal gets street justice, and join right in.

If you put on a really good show, they might invite you back since they use the same pretend angry white men from one riot ragefest to the next. After your third or fourth time, you might even qualify for an hourly wage. Word is old Soros is shelling out $15/hour for good, hard, convincing, white-hot, outraged rage; he’s not always eager to pay up, though, and you might have to pull rank on him. Put them stars to some use for a change.

Dress in your whites with all your medals and oak leaf clusters and badges and stripes and pins and arm thingies and doodads and most of all, that black beret. I bet they put you right out front! They may even let you bring along a granddaughter or two – girls are better’n boys, who tend to get carried away and end up in jail. That wouldn’t go down well at the Pentagon in the morning. Remember that jarhead light colonel, after all.

When you get back, you can explain why it was wrong for you to cross the street with Trump but right to show your white rage for Biden. By then, Joe should have us into some other stupid mess that you can use to really strut your social justice warrior bona fides. By then you’ll have all this white rage experience under your belt, and you can stand beside Austin on near-equal terms.

The only remaining question will be: Where will the two of you find any real American troops who’ll fight for you?

By Jack Rail, Blue State Conservative

Jack Rail is a retired Army officer who writes mostly when something gets his goat.