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General Milley: China’s Lapdog and the Reason Conservatives Shouldn’t Volunteer

I used to want nothing more than to be a US Marine. I read about Iwo Jima, the frozen hours of the Marines in the Chosin Reservoir, the endless fighting in Vietnam, and their hard-won battles for Fallujah and hoped to one day be a “Devil Dog.” I dragged my parents (well, forced them to drive me) to the Marine Corps museum in Quantico, read through every book I could about them, started getting in shape, and tried to make myself tougher. While the last two items on the list were nowhere near as successful as I would have liked, little me was ready to be a Marine.

Then I started reading about the sad state of the American military. I saw, in article after article, story after story, interview after interview, tales of brave young men strung out by cowardly officers and politicians.

Men that were shipped to Iraq and Afghanistan and did what needed to be done to win were strung up on “war crime” charges, as if there are rules when fighting barbarians. Those that managed to not get written up by some lawyer for killing too many enemies were killed or maimed because of idiotic rules of engagement and malfunctioning or improper equipment. They couldn’t use the firepower they needed to win, weren’t given the proper equipment to say alive, and were persecuted and prosecuted by desk jockeys for acting like warriors.

Read Lone Survivor; those men died because of rules of engagement. Read American Sniper; Chris Kyle couldn’t do his job because of Army ROEs and terrorist-loving lawyers. Just look at what the leftists and their enablers in the military and intelligence agencies have done to those that interrogated terrorists with the proper level of vigor. It’s shameful our defenders were treated so shamefully.

So the dream began to die. The more I read, the more disgusted I became and the less I wanted to volunteer. All of a sudden, the military was focused more on pushing CRT and waving rainbow flags than you know…winning wars.

Perhaps that’s because virtue signaling is easier and cleaner than fighting, or maybe it’s because the brass actually believes it.

Either way, thanks to that change, I had little intention of signing up to get shot at in some hellhole abroad while unable to fire back so that a joker in the State Department could lecture savages on the neccesity of LGBTQ+ rights. In the language of my generation, “that’s a hard pass.”

Call me a coward or a wimp, but it just didn’t seem worth it. I expect many others in my situation felt or now feel the same; in this enivornment, why should a white male volunteer? We’re despised by our countrymen, would be persecuted by the leftist officers while in uniform, and wouldn’t be dying for any cause worth fighting for. Sorry, but dying to plant the rainbow flag in Kabul isn’t quite the vision I have for my life.

So, a few years ago, the dream died. Now I’m a law student and conservative writer, stuck reading and writing about Caesar rather than with any hope of becoming him. The days of LeMay, MacArthur, Patton, and Chesty Puller are gone, as are the days of our having a real military. In are Lloyd Austin and a bunch of soft losers, as emphasized by a recent Army commercial. While I’m sure the terrorists and Chinese are quaking in fear of Agent Jack Reacharound and his Rainbow Team, the modern, far-left Army isn’t a place for conservatives or patriots.

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And, finally getting to the point, no one is more emblematic of that titanic, horrific shift than General Milley the Traitor.

American generals and flag officers used to be, at the very least, patriots. Perhaps they weren’t as good as their more militaristic European peers, perhaps they wasted resources and men, and maybe the services haven’t always fought as a united force. But, whatever their other flaws, they were patriots that were proud to fight for their nation.

Now even that’s not true. Milley not only hasn’t found a war he can’t lose, he’s also not a patriot! He is proud of forcing our troops to study CRT. He’s happily going along with Lloyd Austin’s purge of patriots from the Armed Forces. And, worst of all, he twice called the Chinese, pledging to warn them if Trump planned on attacking.

To be clear: the top American officer, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs, called our greatest enemy and pledged to aid them in the event of war. That’s treason.

Milley isn’t the cause, he’s a symptom. Leftism has not only infected the military but has completely taken it over. If you’re a conservative, avoid signing up and dealing with Milley’s commissars (perhaps he can import a few from China!). Let the leftists die for their deranged ideas. The military as we knew it is gone, it’s time to act like it.

So, conservatives, don’t join the military. Support veterans, but not the current brass. Don’t pledge to fund it more, support it more, or praise it more. If you’re considering joining, don’t. If you’re already in, get out as soon as you possibly can without deserting. The military is currently run by a lying, critical race theory-loving traitor that is more aligned with the Red Chinese than the American government. If you love America, the military just ain’t the place for you anymore.

By: Gen Z Conservative