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Meme: General Milley is Offended

What’s wrong out with our generals? They haven’t won a war in a generation, have let a once-mighty military fall apart (just read about our ships crashing into each other and jets falling out of the sky), and are now purging conservatives from the armed forces. Oh, and General Milley is offended.

That second to last point is the most pressing long-term issue.

With better training, tactics, and strategy, the US can win wars again.

With more funding and better usage of existing funding, readiness can be restored.

But, if the military becomes just another partisan institution, then all is lost. We’ll no longer have a sacred, unifying institution to rally around and, when war comes, at least half of the country will refuse to fight.

That’s why it’s wrong that General Milley is pushing CRT on the troops. That’s why it’s wrong for the Navy to force its officers to read How to Be an Anti-Racist. That’s why it’s wrong for the military to be openly biased against conservatives and for officers to declare that whiteness is evil. If the military becomes just another leftist organization, it won’t be able to defend America.

And, on the topic of the meme above, a general yelling at his civilian authorities that he’s “offended” by the “woke” label, as Milley did, is absurd. Did Caesar’s praefects complain that they were offended? The Marshals of Napoleon’s Grande Armee? Lee’s Lieutenants? No. They did not. They were professional warriors, not social justice warriors.

By: Gen Z Conservative


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