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Meme: General Mi Li the Traitor

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Jack Posobiec’s Twitter is one of the best out there. If y’all don’t follow him already, you should.

In any case, this meme he shared gets right to the heart of what’s wrong with America’s military: in what nation do the top generals collude with their greatest enemies to work against a duly elected president?

For those of you that live under a very secure rock (or at the very least, aren’t an aid worker in Afghanistan) and missed the bombshell that was dropped on September 14th, General Milley the CRT advocate was exposed by Bob Woodward of colluding with the Red Chinese and promising to warn them of an attack if Trump chose to launch one. That’s right: “General” Milley chose communist China over the American Republic.

It would be bad enough if he were simply the general that was pushing CRT on the troops. In a reasonable nation, he would have, at the very least, been fired long ago and it is disgusting that that overweight disgrace to the uniform is still commanding America’s brave men and women.

But, of course, he couldn’t leave it there. He couldn’t just be un-American, he had to be actively anti-American and pledge to help communist China (he must have learned lots from those “anti-racism” HR seminars he’s making our warfighters sit through. My guess is that he’s the only one).

If anyone ever again asks what’s wrong with our military, General Milley is the answer.

He’s a bad commander: thanks to him, 13 Americans died in Kabul and the withdrawal turned into a route.

He’s unpatriotic: how else could you explain his pushing overtly anti-American propaganda on the troops?

And, worst of all, he’s a traitor: he worked with the Red Chinese against Donald Trump. Such is the man in charge of the American military. No wonder it can’t win a war.

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Nor is Milley alone. His whole coterie of generals that act more like a strange cross of consultants and HR managers are quite similar. Mattis has Chinese business interests and argues against America First policies. Lloyd Austin has teamed up with Milley to push CRT on the troops. The Navy’s brass has added How to Be an Anti-Racist to the Navy’s reading list for officers. None of them have won a war and it looks like we’re gonna keep losing.

We’ve gone from gods of war like Patton and LeMay to soy boys that couldn’t defeat a few goat herders stuck in the 7th Century.

Rot at the top infects the whole organization. Our average troops might be brave young men, but the organization they are part of has been seriously infected by the rotting carcass at the top of the pyramid, most prominently displayed in General Milley’s treason, and the gangrene has set in.

The only solution is to cut the limb off and get rid of the gangrene. Every CRT- and treason-infected officer needs to go and every officer that was part of our disastrous loss in Afghanistan needs to be fired.

China Delenda Est. Every general that colludes with that horrible nation needs to be treated as a traitor.

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on Gab and Facebook