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General Mattis Has Ties to Communist China


I’m not happy about writing this article on the fact that General Mattis has ties to Communist China. I used to respect him; I thought he was a great American and patriot. But, like others that suddenly attacked Trump, there was more to the story. Mattis is not the man we thought he was. He is selling out our national interest to China, a country we are in a Cold War with.

Many of us know General Mattis as the so-called “warrior monk” that was much loved by his Marines and joined the Trump administration early on. He was adored by the patriotic members of American society and praised as someone that would help make our military great again. But, once in the administration, he did little that fit with Trump’s goals. Sure, he was pro-military, but he didn’t want to focus on the big issue- China. Instead, he wanted to keep our troops stuck in the quagmire of the Middle East, where our fighting power, readiness, and budget is continually worn down by guerillas that don’t threaten our national interests.

What is the reason for that? Well, it could be his long-standing involvement in the hunt in the shadows for al-Qaeda and the great war for civilization. Or, it could be the fact that General Mattis has ties to Communist China. I’ll let you decide. But, before you do, just read what a few well-established news organizations have to say about Mattis’s ties to China and what those ties could mean.

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Source #1: Just the News on the Fact that General Mattis Has Ties to China and did not Disclose those Ties

In a recent article entitled “Mattis didn’t disclose ties to China-boosting firm in column slamming Trump’s ‘America First’ policy,” Just the News exposed Mattis’s ties to the Red Chinese.

First, the article explains the background about why that is a problem, stating that Mattis wrote an online column that denounced President Trump’s “America First” policy without disclosing even once that he is part of an organization, the Cohen Group, that does lots of business and creates many deals with Red China.

Then, the article goes on to explain why those ties to China are a problem and might show his pro-China biases:

“As coauthor with three other writers in a Nov. 23 Foreign Affairs column, Mattis did not mention that he works for the The Cohen Group consulting firm. Nor did he challenge China’s tough talk against U.S. policies regarding Taiwan, nor the strict economic retaliation Beijing levied against Australia.

Instead, Mattis criticized Trump administration policies toward Beijing. Such policies, touted by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, are not in line with The Cohen Group’s approach toward international business dealings with Beijing.”

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Finally, the article gives details about Mattis’s role within the Cohen Group (he is a senior counselor), the firm whose business and political connections mean that General Mattis has ties to Communist China.

Source #2: Fox News

In a similar article on Mattis’s ties to China, Fox exposed many of the same damning facts as Just the News. Additionally, it exposed one more crucial fact:

“The column disclosed Mattis’ roles as a fellow at the Hoover Institution and the former Secretary of Defense, but did not reference his work with the Cohen Group, where he has served as a “senior counselor” since September 2019. The firm, which advises clients on international business deals, has two offices located in China.”

That fact is important because it shows that Mattis was intentionally hiding his ties to the Cohen Group. If he were not worried about his role within that pro-China organization, he would have included his role in it in the disclosures section of the article.

However, he did not, meaning that he probably saw the potential that articles making claims like “General Mattis has ties to Communist China” would quickly make it to print if that connection was found out. Well, his coverup failed. Now we all know that General Mattis has ties to communist China and that those ties are affecting his judgment and causing him to favor a communist nation’s desires over the needs of his homeland.

Source #3: PJ Media on the Implications of the Fact that General Mattis has Ties to Communist China

PJ Media, in an article entitled “Mattis Hopes Biden Won’t Put America First,” describes the implications of Mattis’s China ties and how they might be influencing his actions and writings.

First, the article describes just what is so confusing about Mattis’s recent article, pointing out that it’s quite odd that a former American Defense Secretary would pen an article calling on a president to not place America’s interests above the interests of other nations. Should Reagan have put the USSR first?:

Next, the article explains why Mattis is so wrong:

In reality, the president’s primary job is clear from the oath of office that every president recites in order to assume office, and it isn’t to provide “cooperative security” for other countries in the world, or free health care for illegal aliens, or to make sure that Somalia and Afghanistan aren’t riven by civil war, or to make sure America is “diverse.” It is simply this: “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

Or, to put it even more simply, as Rating America’s Presidents: An America-First Look at Who Is Best, Who Is Overrated, and Who Was An Absolute Disaster explains, the primary job of the president of the United States is to put America first.”

Finally, the article explains why Mattis’s connections are problematic: his connections among the internationalist elite is causing him, a man very influential in defense circles, to call for actions that are both leftist and anti-American in nature, actions that will bring about the end of nations and western culture.


You should be worried that General Mattis has ties to Communist China, just like you should be worried about Fauci’s China connections. Mattis was supposed to be a patriot. Supposedly, he loved America. Now, it looks like that is no longer the case. If we can’t even rely on our generals to support America over China, who can we trust?

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