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Why Does Gavin Newsom Reek? A Selected Tour of California

The reason Gavin Newsom and California reek so bad is plain: because “everything woke turns to shit.” President Trump’s now meme-tastic quote comes from the Dan Ball interview from earlier this week. I’m sure most of you know that, but I gave a link in case any were napping—to be clear, I happen to be fond of naps, but you know what I meant. President Trump specifically mentioned Palm Springs wind turbines, so I thought I would take a short drive and take a closer look, which led me to tour (virtually) more of California.

In 2003 I bought a Ram 2500 4×4, and I kept that 8 miles-to-the-gallon beast for 16 years. I now have a more practical e-torque Ram 1500, which is much better on the gas but takes some getting used to when the engine goes into eco mode and shuts off. If you ever drove an older car, say a 1976 Pinto wagon, you may be familiar with that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when the engine conks, or when the gearshift comes out after shifting to 3rd, but that is another story. The point is, I needed gas before my jaunt out to the woke windmills, so my first stop was a gas station. Since woke gas stations like Circle K, Chevron, and Arco have kicked me out in the past for not wearing a mask, I give all my business to Union 76 now—they have propane too! Alas, I cannot avoid the woke California taxes on gas.

So that fill-up was painful. We should talk about how Californians (or Dominion?) voted to double gas tax themselves a few years ago sometime but for now, let the tour of Gavin Newsom’s woke California begin.

First stop is the lovely view looking west from the Whitewater area, which is north-west of Palm Springs as Highway 111 merges into I-10 for travelers leaving that woke, vaccine-mandated city. Note to Palm Springs—I will not spend another dime there.

I thought I saw a bird! Let’s take a closer look!

Nope, no suicidal bird. By Democrat logic, if the birds are avoiding the woke wind turbines does that make birds racist? Before you scoff at the mostly rhetorical question, consider that Pete Buttigieg, Mr. Biden’s Transportation Secretary, told us roads are racist.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service estimates that each turbine will kill 7.85 birds a year, including raptors such as eagles and hawks, and 1.4 million are killed each year. Sucks to be the birds because woke Gavin, with a little help from his pal Hunter’s dad, is going to keep on building them. The only good news for the birds is that so many of these turbines were not turbine-ing, many did not even have blades and were just sitting there, rotting—the fate for anything woke.

If I had any artistic talent I would draw a cartoon of an oversized Gavin, in a woke suit of armor, riding atop a CCP-BYD electric car with a lance under his arm, amongst a bunch of broken windmills. I do not possess that Ben Garrison talent however, so you’ll have to make do with my amateurish photography, for the wind turbines at least.

Four of these turbines atop the hill were un-woke and safe for racist birds.

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Five in this row were also un-woke.

What a view! Palm Springs is on the other side there. Did you know that wind turbines, those miles, and miles of turbines generate just 8.4% of the USA’s total electricity?

Did you know what else is in a battle of Wokeism vs. Racism in Gavin Newsom’s California, besides woke wind turbines and the racist birds? Fish and water. The fish are woke, so Gavin and the Democrats, decided that conserving water would be racist, thus the fresh racist water is allowed to flow out to the sea.

Leaving our reservoirs looking like this (from the linked article).

Notice also, that article states that California had 200% of average rains and snowpack in 2019, leaving our reservoirs with enough water to last at least 5 years. Before that, however, California went through a drought so bad that voters approved $7.12 billion to build more reservoirs in 2014. That was after the bill was kicked all over by the geniuses that make up the California Legislature. So what is the hold up?

There is no logic as to why fish deserved to be saved at the cost of humans, while birds deserve death. It is virtue signal i.e. Communist logic, don’t try to understand it, just point it out and mock it. This same logic mocks us for being interested in Ivermectin, because we are just nutty racist, not cattle. How is not racist when the CDC insists on treating immigrants with Ivermectin? See? Communist don’t try to make sense, they just gaslight us. A brief screenshot and then back to Gavin.

Court cases by woke environmentalist and woke Attorney Generals is one. But most of the delay, and the waste, is blamed on “shifting political priorities”. What does that even mean? There was more money to be grifted from the Super Train that was not needed, than from water conservation? Perhaps then, but now is a different story. Water is now a power struggle, which has mostly been the case in California history, it’s when I don’t hear much about water that I worry. In any case, the nary-a-one-to-be-found smelt, plants, and wildlife keep winning while human beings and agriculture keep losing. Now we have a 55-gallon water ration looming. Another example of the Gavin types creating a problem in order to implement idiotic, draconian measures to solve it. If I were a smelt in my secret hideout, I would be laughing, at the humans and the birds.

You know who isn’t going to be laughing? Those woke bass when I get out on the lake…oh.

Many similar issues in the northern region of the state. An empty lake is moot though if you cannot get through the fires. Gavin’s mismanagement of California’s forestry and his blame game is just despicable, one deserving of a longer post, so I will not dwell on it here.

Those low reservoirs also lead to closing hydroelectric plants, starving Californians, already facing rolling blackouts, of much-needed energy. The California that the basshole Gavin envisions with only electric cars cruising its highways and byways. Electric cars are dependent on the Communists in China, as Gavin’s buddy over at BYD is keenly aware of, I guess the billion-dollar +++ deal for PPE wasn’t enough. Electric cars that need electricity are mostly produced by fossil-fueled plants. Makes one wonder how much of our taxpayer money Gavin will allow China to grift and how much will he get back this time around. As if Gavin would be the one to decide that (insert eye roll you get when explaining China virus science to a liberal here).

But wait, California is facing rolling blackouts… something does not quite jibe… what could it be?

If California’s power grid can “comfortably support up to 5 million woke cars and there are only 635,000 now, what will those rolling blackouts of today become tomorrow? Maybe we will be too starved and thirsty to care, if we are not all dead of the Alpha-Beta Variant by then. When times get hard, at least some minorities can earn some extra cash for not shooting people in San Francisco, where Gavin began his political rise.

Getting the picture? What do you think your picture smells like? I think my picture smells like Gavin, who went woke and turned long ago—follow that link to see a complete list of why Gavin smells so bad.

This tour may be continued.


—Kenny, From the Tavern