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‘Friends’ Star Claims Hollywood Full of Famous Do-Nothings, Rest of World Calls Her Out

Hollywood put Southern California on the map. The films it has churned out for over 100 years and TV shows it has pushed on the public for almost that long have enchanted the world.

However, more recently we have been subjected to a changing narrative from Tinseltown: leftist ideology, woke values, and incessant lecturing from people whose job is to entertain, not indoctrinate.

If nothing else, Hollywood is full of hypocrisy.

One example of this hypocrisy has been leveled at TV show “Friends” star Jennifer Aniston, who recently opined about today’s newfangled Internet celebrities who are “famous for basically doing nothing.”

Aniston, who currently stars in “The Morning Show” on Apple TV+, appeared on “Variety” magazine’s “Actors on Actors” show in a conversation with actor Sebastian Stan, who stars as rocker Tommy Lee in the Hulu show “Pam & Tommy.”

Amid gushy, obsequious, insincere sounding flattery, the two discussed working in today’s Hollywood, including during the pandemic, something which both said was perturbing because actors didn’t “have the luxury of social distancing” like the average person who could do so, or work from home.

The actress also bemoaned the state of the industry today, pointing to such things as the Internet and streaming services for increasing the number of people competing for roles and projects.

“I always say I feel lucky that we got a little taste of the industry before it became what it is today, which is just different — more streaming services, more people.,” the Morning Show star said.

Our obsession with celebrity culture has driven the rise of not only the 15-minute “famous for being infamous,” but also the Internet star whereby Instagram influencers and TikTok video creators are household names.

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Yet to Aniston, these people have become “famous for basically doing nothing. I mean — Paris Hilton, Monica Lewinsky, all those.”

She goes on to say, “It’s almost like it’s diluting the actor’s job.”

That comment begs the question: what is the actor’s “job”? It is to entertain, and one could argue that this is tantamount to “doing nothing” and does not fall within the category of “essential worker.”

Her comments did not escape the Twitterverse, whose response was sharp and swift, with many deeming her comments “tone-deaf.”  According to Breitbart:

Some social media users, responding to Aniston’s comments, pointed out that she is a “nepotism baby,” the daughter of elite show business privilege. Indeed, her father was a successful TV actor. Her father is long-time Days of Our Lives actor John Aniston and her late mother was actress Nancy Dow.

While some dubbed her a “nepotism baby” others expanded the accusation and referred to her as a celebrity gatekeeper who is disdainful of the democratic nature of social media which affords “no-names” a way to earn fame and money, a territory that traditionally belonged to established actors.

While Aniston no doubt worked hard to get where she is, attending hundreds of auditions and experiencing her share of rejections, it is difficult to feel sorry for her as an aggrieved person given her success.

She has a point that talent seems to have taken a backseat to followers and popularity in our social media influencing world, but acting talent is something that should also be weighed on the scales of importance as it carries little real significance for the world.

This story syndicated with permission from For the Love of News

10 thoughts on “‘Friends’ Star Claims Hollywood Full of Famous Do-Nothings, Rest of World Calls Her Out”

  1. I darn near get the impression she’s saying ‘real actors’ are important and these internet opportunists are pariahs. They’re both garbage in society and we need neither of them. Maybe if they all just concerned themselves with entertaining their viewers and stayed in their own lane, they and we would be much better off.

  2. Maybe if you Hollyweird kept you political ideas to yourselves, you would be appreciated for your “acting abilities”, or lack thereof.

  3. All I want the monkey to do is dance, just dance to the music the organ grinder is playing. Is that really too much for the monkey’s to understand or do we need new monkey’s. Just fire all of them and pick up a book it’s easier than you think.

  4. Sir E. Burrell Hemridge

    My theory: We get celebrities jammed down our throats BECAUSE THEY ARE EASILY ACCESSIBLE to the Media gatekeepers.

    It’s just so easy to give time, space, and attention to those who actively seek it. It’s much easier to park a camera in front of them and stick a microphone in their faces and let them pontificate. They “create” the content for the lazy S. O. B.s in the Media. The Media is spared the trouble and necessity of working to actually create something themselves. It takes work, research, time, effort.

    It’s just SO EASY for someone famous to do it for you!

  5. Isn’t she famous for her…hair? I remember seeing several headlines on celeb rags back in her day where her hair was the main concern. She is indeed lucky that she had a part on a hit TV show back then, because with all the competition today, she wouldn’t even get the shampoo commercials she was in.

  6. Libtards R. Stooopid

    “Talent” disappeared from Hollywood LONG before Jennifer Aniston (and her perfectly talented rack) appeared on Friends. What’s so different about being “famous” because of ones looks vs. being “famous” because of ones social media following. NOTHING.
    It’s the exact same situation with popular music; used to have to work for it and have talent then MTV came along and all ya had to do was look good. Now, all ya have to do is be able to speak into a funky microphone…
    Shut up Jen…

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