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French Christians Have to Be Protected by Armed Escort to Prevent Christmas Terror Attacks

The War on Christmas continues unabated around the world, with that having a much deadlier meaning in other nations than it does in the US.

In those nations afflicted with the plague of Islamist terrorism, the threat of harm for daring to worship Christ is a real issue.

The Congo saw a suicide bombing with 8 killed on Christmas day. Violence against Coptic Christians is a recurrent problem in Egypt. And now, the “religion of peace” is a threat to Christians in France, where parishioners had to be protected by the police when leaving Christmas Mass. Watch that here:

The background to that horrifying video, apparently, is that a Christian procession was attacked in Nantes, France, by Islamists that threatened to behead Catholics, which is a real enough threat considering that many priests have been beheaded by Islamists in recent years.

As a result of the threats made by the threatening crowd, along with other indications that Islamists would attack unprotected parishioners, police had to be sent to protect Mass and those practicing the faith of their ancestors.

Reporting on the incident, French news website Objectifgard wrote :

On December 25, the crew is present for a priority mission, that of securing mass in the church of Saint Felix. A visible presence to reassure practicing Christians, an undeniable deterrent tool for those who were thinking of something else. But is the message well understood? When people are asked if the presence of men in blue is troublesome, one word comes up,”no.” For Marie-Louise,”No, I prefer to know them and see them there, on the forecourt, rather than in their barracks. You never know, we live in crazy times and some people could very well come and do anything here. We are not a target like the Vatican can be but look at what happened elsewhere in France a few years ago and you will understand that the gendarmes are right to come here.”

Similarly, La Croix ran a story with the headline For Christmas, increased security around churches, reporting that the French Interior Minister had given the order to guard Mass.

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Fearing the risk of an attack during the Christmas period, Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin asked prefects to strengthen security around churches. Police and military personnel will be stationed near places of worship.

Apparently, however, the precautions weren’t enough, with Catholic Arena reporting that:

Despite the best efforts of security forces, there were some church invasions this Christmas time, in one church in Carcassonne, a Muslim stormed a Catholic church screaming that he was a Muslim before being arrested. It was claimed that the Moroccan was under the influence of alcohol at the time.

Still, while it’s depressing that such precautions must be taken to defeat the Islamist terrorists, at least France is waking up to the threat posed and dealing with it.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.