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“You Have to See With Your Own Eyes!”: Freedom Convoy Heart-Warming Story

This video is so moving on so many levels. She obviously knows she may be risking her job and professional reputation if cancel culture comes for her. What a brave Canadian to share her inner struggle and journey to personal freedom to speak out loud the thoughts she has had for so long.

The Freedom Convoy is so much more than vaccine mandates…let that sink in.

 RWR original article syndication source.

Note from Gen Z: Here’s another heartwarming story from the Freedom Convoy in Canada:

Whenever the deplorables get angry, whenever those the MSM apparatchiks view as proles start to revolt, the left absolutely loses its mind. It labels them racist, sexist, or fascist, slandering anyone and everyone that dares to stand up to the regime.

It did that to the Tea Party patriots that stood up to the Obama regime, certainly did that to the brave Americans that proudly and vocally supported Trump during the 2016 election and his tumultuous presidency, and is now trying to do it to the Freedom Convoy truckers in Canada.

Of course, those that are used to dealing with MSM lies see right through it; they know the Tea Party patriots were liberty-minded folks, not fascists. They know the deplorables were freedom fighters, not Nazis. They know the Freedom Convoy is about liberty, not some absurd “ism” that the left wrings its hands and clutches its pearls about.

Unfortunately, many still swallow the MSM narrative hook, line, and sinker, believing CNN, NBC, or any other regime media outlet when it slanders the regime’s opponents as adherents of all the usuals “isms.”

Called “normies” in Twitter parlance, they have to push past the curtain and see for themselves what’s really going on to see the media’s lies.

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Fortunately, one Canadian couple chose to do just that, deciding to go check out the Freedom Convoy for themselves and see what was really going on. What they found was that the media is lying, as this Twitter thread shows brilliantly:

Surprise, surprise. The diverse collection of Canadian patriots waving the maple-leaf flag and chanting anti-Trudeau slogans aren’t there because they hate any ethnic group, want to install some fascist state, or because they want to cause violence and mayhem.

Rather, Canadians of all stripes are pouring out into the streets because they love their nation and love liberty. They’re motivated by their vision of a better life, one that lets them live free and do as they please, not out of hate or desire to attack any group.

Soungui noticed as much. As you can hear in the video, he says:

I’ve actually taken the time to come down and speak to these people, get to know what they’re here, and hear their stories. Which is what a lot of people aren’t doing.

Every single person we have met has met us with so much love, so much understanding, and so much peace. They made me cry so many times sharing their incredible stories of what they’re fighting for.

Then he says something that I expect many of the protesters there felt, united in the bonds of common protest against a tyrannical regime: “I just love everyone so much.”

If there were a slogan of the Freedom Convoy it would be that: “I just love everyone so much.” That’s why truckers and cowboys, farmers and city-slickers, are banding together and marching in the streets, blocking intersections and border crossings. Because they love each other and their nation.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.