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Humor: Democrats Haven’t Been this Mad Since We Freed their Slaves

It’s funny, in a dark sort of way, isn’t it? That the party responsible for the ~600,000 deaths it took to end slavery is now pretending that it is the “anti-racist” party?

Now, I don’t know exactly what “anti-racism” is, other than that in modern times it seems to mean being racist against white people, but I do know that sacrificing hundreds of thousands of people in battle to end race-based chattel slavery probably isn’t “racist.”

And that’s what Republicans did. They freed the slaves, lifted up poor whites in the Southeast, and championed Civil Rights before it was popular. Blacks have the GOP to thank for the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments, just as all of us have the GOP to thank for getting rid of slavery, a system poisonous to both slaves and slave-owners.

On the other hands, the Democrats sparked the Civil War, created the KKK, refounded it twice, and were the staunchest opponents of Civil Rights.

But, of course, Democrats and their allies in the lying MSM ignore all of that. They like to pretend that the Republicans are the racists. It would be laughable if it weren’t so dangerous.

Luckily, minorities are starting to wake up to Democrat lies. Trump received far larger fractions of the Hispanic and black vote than recent GOP candidates, thanks largely to his push for economic opportunity for all rather than racist welfare policies.

In any case, the Democrats are wrong. The GOP isn’t the party of racism, the Democratic Party is. And, because more and more Americans are waking up to that indisputable fact, Democrats are getting mad; they haven’t been this mad since we freed their slaves!

By: Gen Z Conservative.


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