January 20, 2021

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free the american economy now

Free the American Economy Now!


The government’s reaction to the Chinese flu has been to shut everything down all across the country. As I’m sure all of you know, businesses in every part of the country were forced to close immediately. Even if they wanted to risk it and serve customers, the government wouldn’t let them. That’s unacceptable and un-American. We should be free to do as we please. It’s time for Trump to free the American economy. He must do so before it’s too late.

That, at least, is what author Patricia McCarthy of the American Thinker believes, as she wrote about in a recent article entitled “President Trump needs to set the country free now.”

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Summary of Why Trump Should Free the American Economy Now

First, McCarthy discusses how most of our fear about the Chinese flu has been created by a fear-mongering media:

For weeks now, nearly every media outlet has behaved as though the COVID-19 virus was a cause for celebration.  They broadcast the numbers in the same way they show the stock market or election returns.  It is positively ghoulish.  Even Fox News, which used to have more sense, has capitulated to the hysteria; that network, too, is all in on manufacturing panic and fear.

They are engaged in panic-mongering.  They are encouraging the wholesale destruction of the American economy.  The worst are hoping and wishing for that outcome.  That is how much they are willing to sacrifice to see the president defeated.

From: President Trump needs to set the country free now

Next, McCarthy writes about how this is just another attempt by the media and their allies on the left to smear Trump and limit his chances of reelection:

The left has trouble learning from its mistakes.  From moment one, every calculated smear leftists threw at the president made him more popular, not less.  They time-released all the dirt they thought they had on him for maximum damage — the Billy Bush tape, emoluments, Stormy Daniels, Michael Avenatti, Michael Cohen, Russia collusion, Ukraine.  And now the Wuhan flu.

They are dogged in their pathetic attempts to terminate Trump’s presidency by any means available, but they are so incredibly stupid in how they carry out their misguided plan.  Everything they do makes him more popular.  Sure, the people who rabidly hate him cannot be reasoned with; they are willing to sacrifice the wealth and security of the country if they can be rid of this highly effective man who has made them a sideshow. 

 And that is what the left has become.  Leftists, the media and those for whom they so willingly betray their nation, the Schiff-Pelosi Democrats, are a virus unto themselves.  They are a virus far more lethal to America than COVID-19.  They are gleeful that President Trump’s massively successful economy that was going to guarantee his re-election has crashed due to this disease. 

From: President Trump needs to set the country free now

Then McCarthy notes how much of the response to this crisis has simply been the left using a crisis as an opportunity to force their horrible, tyrannical agenda on the rest of us:

A man was arrested in Malibu, Calif. for paddling by himself in the ocean.  He was endangering no one.  In a matter of a few weeks, we have become a police state, fascist and menacing.  The left now sees an opportunity to force upon us its regressive agenda, which is far more deadly to us all than the Wuhan flu.

From: President Trump needs to set the country free now

Finally, McCarthy gets to her most important point about why we should free the American economy; President Trump needs to recognize the limited real danger that the disease poses and reign in the bureaucrats everywhere. Or, in other words, he should free the American economy from the shackles of forced closure:

Wake up, Americans!  We are by nature a civil and law-abiding people, but what we are being subjected to is monstrous.  As VDH reminded, 740 people die in California each day from a vast variety of causes.  The virus has upped that number by four people a day.  California has a population of forty million people.  Is that a viable justification for destroying the livelihoods of multi-millions, which will no doubt lead to far more death and destruction…

…It is time for President Trump to utilize his uncommon common sense and put a stop this China-orchestrated full-scale attack on our country.  Easter Sunday would the perfect day to set the nation free from the madness this particular virus has perpetrated on us all.  President Trump, let those with compromised immune systems self-quarantine, and set the rest of the population free to get back to work.  You can do it.  Do it now. 

From: President Trump needs to set the country free now

My Thoughts on Why Trump should Free the American Economy

I’m in wholehearted agreement with McCarthy that it’s time to free the American economy. To me, it is incomprehensible why the entire American economy needs to be ruined just because some people with pre-existing conditions are unable to handle the Chinese flu if they get it.

That’s not to be callous; I hope no more Americans die. But, the costs of the economic shutdown are incredibly severe. Hundreds of thousands of formerly prosperous Americans will have their livelihoods destroyed because of the fear-mongering of the Mainstream Media and their leftist cronies that refuse to free the American economy.

So, to me, it seems more reasonable to just tell the Americans most at risk to stay home and away while the rest of us try to go about our normal lives. There will probably be a few more deaths, but it will save America from economic collapse, which would destroy our ability to act in support of liberty at home and abroad. That would be an effective way to free the American economy without placing people in undue danger.

Additionally, I agree with McCarthy that the MSM is using this opportunity to try to sink President Trump. They hate how popular and successful he has been and want to ruin any aspect of American life they can in order to try and discredit Trump. To do so, they’re working with their allies on the left, the ones Andrew Breitbart wrote about in Righteous Indignation, to make life as miserable and unbearable for normal Americans as possible. They’re forcing businesses to close, people to stay out of work, and the stock market to collapse all because they hate Trump and are, as a result, unwilling to free the American economy.

In my view, President Trump needs to wake up to that threat to his presidency and the American people that has been created by the government’s unwillingness to free the American economy and respond to it immediately. He should drain the swamp by calling out that media and leftist duplicity and then using the opportunity to free the American economy from its government-imposed shackles.


China lied and people died. They need to pay for that. But, that retribution should come later. For now, we need to focus on the domestic issue; that of reopening the economy and reversing the pending economic, and perhaps social, collapse.

Don’t listen to the fake news media and their lies that it’s not time to free the American economy. If you’re a healthy young adult that doesn’t smoke, then you’ll probably be fine. Just wash your hands and go to work. Let’s unleash the American economy together.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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