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Free Speech and Safe Spaces are Incompatible

Why Free Speech and Safe Spaces are Incompatible

Anyone who has had the displeasure of dealing with liberal college students will inform you of the blight that is the safe space movement. As a current Gen Z, conservative, college student, I can attest as to that plague. The lefties on campus demand safe spaces, where they are free to indulge in the pleasure provided by cookies and milk while ignoring the opinions of other students. They act as if those safe spaces are the end all be all of their college experience. But, in reality, free speech and safe spaces are incompatible.

America is premised on the idea that even if all ideas aren’t equally valid, we have a God-given right to state them. Throughout our long and, at times violent history, we have stood by that ideal, other than during both World Wars, during which we were governed by lefties.

Unfortunately, that ideal is slipping away. Campus liberals want to eradicate the idea of free speech because they hate that others have opinions that contradict their own. Anytime someone says anything that contradicts their worldview, they launch into a vociferous and illogical attack based on emotion rather than logic.

Sure, some things people on the far right say are disagreeable or unpleasant. But, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be allowed to say those things. Good ideas and bad ideas are free speech, after all.

The ideology behind freedom of speech is that as long as what you say doesn’t directly cause physical harm to others, it’s ok. That is in direct contradiction to safe spaces, which are premised on the idea that anything coming from the center or right constitutes hate speech and should thus be banned from public discourse. That’s why free speech and safe spaces are incompatible and it’s something we shouldn’t forget. America was built on freedom, especially freedom of speech. If we lose it because of campus liberals, then all is lost.


And that’s not just the dour prediction of some radical young conservative writing on a conservative blog. The only way America will be destroyed is if we surrender our morals and ideals to the forces of evil. Those “forces of evil” on the other side of the battle for America’s fate are the same groups behind the creation of safe spaces and they certainly don’t care that free speech and safe spaces are incompatible.

Furthermore, once you start limiting the right to free speech in one area of life, it’s hard to stop doing so in others. So, now that universities have limited free speech, we’re seeing Big Tech, the enemy of freedom, do the same online. What was once a vibrant hub of open thought has, like our universities and corporate boardrooms, turned into yet another area where safe spaces have been created for the bubble-wrapped leftists that couldn’t care less that free speech and safe spaces are incompatible.

Yes, if we insist that free speech and safe spaces are incompatible and refuse to allow the creation of safe spaces on college campuses for that reason, then there will likely be protests on college campuses as radical leftists make their outrage felt.

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But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Perhaps forcing them to be outraged and then using that outrage to spark a discussion could be an effective way to combat the increasing influence of cultural Marxism on college campuses.

And, in any case, preventing those safe spaces is the right thing to do. We have a right to freedom of speech, one that our Founding Fathers defended with their lives.

So, defend it! Now it is your turn to defend free speech. Fight for your ideas. Bring controversial speakers to campus. Disregard safe space labels. Defend reality and conservatism. Safe spaces are evil. Free speech is the ultimate right. Don’t forget that.

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on Parler, Gab, and Facebook