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Free Markets Fix Poverty

My Take on Why Free Markets Fix Poverty

I think the capitalism meme at the top of the page does a great job of showing that free markets fix poverty in a simplistic way.

As I discussed yesterday in my post on the American Dream, freedom is the main ingredient needed to turn a life of poverty into one of prosperity. Free markets and free people go hand in hand, and because of that freedom, the market is empowered to find the best solutions.

Economic freedom brings with it social mobility. Those who used to be poor are able to climb their way out of their situation by using their mind and hard work to add value to society. That’s how capitalism helps the poor; it gives them a ladder of freedom and opportunity.

Trump knows that free markets fix poverty; it’s why he’s using deregulation and firing bureaucrats in order to empower Americans to take responsibility for their own lives and build up the economy rather than stay stuck in their situation.

To me, the best example of how free markets fix poverty is the Gilded Age. If you take my advice and read The Republic for which It Stands, which I think is the best book about the Gilded Age, then you’ll see how innovators like Cornelius Vanderbilt, Andrew Carnegie, and others were able to climb out of their own modest circumstances and lift others out of the hole of poverty. They used their minds and sense of the market to create products everyone wanted and needed, and then produce those products or services efficiently. By doing so, they created a much wealthier society with higher standards of living than ever could have been dreamed of by generations before them.

Despite the supposed problems of the Gilded Age, such as wealth inequality, it was really one of America’s finest moments. During it, we were able to show that America really is the land of opportunity and that opportunity and freedom is all it takes to create an incredibly prosperous society.

In conclusion, that’s why Americans must resist the socialist virus. Capitalism creates the freedom in both markets and society that is necessary for prosperity to triumph. Socialism, on the other hand, stifles both personal and economic freedom. Socialist apparatchiks, bureaucrats, and other rat-like agents of the state spend their time oppressing and controlling rather than trying to open avenues of economic advancement.

That stifling of freedom creates a stagnant and morally bankrupt society that can’t innovate or grow prosperous; instead, everyone just relies on government handouts until the government runs out of money to redistribute. Support capitalism and freedom rather than socialism and authoritarianism.

President Trump is one of the best presidents because he knows that free markets fix poverty. That’s why he’s helping all Americans, but especially black Americans, by fighting poverty with capitalism and allowing to opportunity to create avenues to wealth. Like Friedman, Hayek, and Rand, President Trump understands that free markets fix poverty and that capitalism is the solution to poverty. And the results have been stunning.

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By: Gen Z Conservative