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Free Markets and Free People

Why Free Markets and Free People Go Hand in Hand:

Free markets and free people almost always accompany each other. Just look around at the world with its many free and unfree places, free markets and restricted markets. Where there are free markets and free people there is economic growth and happiness. Where there is a command economy, there is tyranny and misery.

That is a historical fact, not just an opinion of mine. The reason for that, as I discussed in my analysis of the great Robert Heinlein quote on poverty and entrepreneurs, is that free markets and free people build off of each other in a way that empowers the innovators in society. Unfree nations, on the other hand, oppress those innovators and anyone who goes against the societal orthodoxy. As a result, the economies of authoritarian nations are often a shambles and the people are miserable.

The Nations where there are Free Markets and Free People Are the Most Successful:

According to the Heritage Foundation’s Economic Freedom Index, the most economically free nations are Hong Kong, Singapore, and New Zealand. Closely behind are Switzerland, Australia, and Ireland. And although each of those nations might have one or two societal aspects that make their people not completely free, such as gun control in New Zealand, their people are still generally quite free, especially when compared with the socialist nations in Socialism Sucks.

Switzerland, for example, is known as a beacon of freedom. It resisted the Nazis and has resisted the controls of the EU. Ireland has embraced the magic formula of economic success and transitioned from an over-regulated, economic backwater to an economic powerhouse. And the brave citizens of Hong Kong have been agitating to stay free from Chinese influence for weeks now; they want to preserve their overwhelming personal and economic freedom.

The citizens and politicians in those countries recognize that free markets lead to free people and vice versa. As a result, their countries are “lights on the hill” that attract skilled immigrants and foreign investment. Their policies of free trade, respect of human rights, and low taxes have led to amazingly high rates of economic growth. We should all strive to be economically free like those nations because it is an indisputable truth that free markets and free people go hand in hand.

Reagan called America the last stand of freedom. Luckily, that’s no longer quite the case. There are a few other nations out there that still respect free markets and free people. But, we can once again be a leader in economic and personal freedom if we deregulate and cut unjust laws.


Countries with Unfree People and Command Economies:

North Korea. Cuba. Venezuela. What do all three of those countries have in common? Well, in addition to their acceptance of the evil ideology of socialism, they are complete economic basket cases. And guess what another similarity between those nations is. It’s that they all have unfree citizens; they don’t respect human rights, kill or imprison protesters, and are known for their tyrannical secret police.

North Korean citizens are living barely above the subsistence line. They have no electricity, modern tools or machines, and little food or industry. Similarly, they have almost no rights or freedom; their lives can be extinguished at the whim of any angry soldier or their tyrannical leader, who usually hates both free markets and free people.

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Or look at Venezuela. There, soldiers drove armored cars into crowds of protesters. Additionally, their economy is a complete basket case. It even ran out of beer! What country of desperate citizens doesn’t even have enough alcohol? A socialist one.

Command economies can’t produce free people. That is because free markets lead to free people. Unfree markets lead to unfree people. Command economies, which are always ruled by tyrants, have outcomes that are the exact opposite of those outcomes created by free markets and free people.


Don’t listen to the so-called democratic socialists that say they want to preserve your human rights while simultaneously creating a command economy. They do not want to do that. Those democratic socialists hate both free markets and free people, they just want to control you.

They say they respect your rights. That’s obviously not the case, they support limiting one of the most important human rights, the right to keep and bear arms, which I talk about in “Gun Rights are Human Rights.” Furthermore, they support limiting free speech, as shown by the current tyranny in Great Britain. Socialists don’t respect your rights.

Command economies require incredibly high aspects of government control in every aspect of life. Regulation of what you can produce. Regulation of where you can work or study. Restrictions on what you say. That isn’t freedom.

On the other hand, free markets and free people are birds of a feather. Capitalist states thrive on entrepreneurial spirit, individuality, and rewarding risk. Because of that, people have to be free. When people are free to live how they want, they are free to make money in the most efficient way for them. That creates economic growth and reinforces personal freedoms, even in states like Hong Kong that are being pressured to restrict those freedoms.

If you want to remain free, support free markets and free people. Stand up for the system of liberty bequeathed to us by the Founding Fathers. Socialism will only lead to tyranny. Free markets will, as they always do, lead to prosperity and individual liberty.

By: Gen Z Conservative