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Fox News Keeps DOMINATING Ratings, Jesse Watters Trounces Cable News Competitors CNN And MSNBC

Still in the first year with his own show, Fox’s Jesse Watters nonetheless towers over perennial bloviators like Joy Reid in the ratings department. With CNN dismantling its primetime lineups – firing Chris Cuomo and Brian Stelter while demoting the leftist hack Don Lemon – Reid ineffably gets to rant every night, though to an ever-decreasing viewership.

In its latest report, Mediaite released some jarring figures, showing that Watters was pulling in nearly 3 million viewers to Reid’s 1.3 million and CNN’s laughable 883,000. Basic math shows he has a bigger audience than both networks combined.

Perhaps equally astounding, Mediate also reported that the aging Sean Hannity even garnered more of the coveted 25-54 demographic than primetime opponent Rachel Maddow, by a wide margin of 265,000 to 213,000.

Of Watters, The Raging Patriot attributes several reasons for his success:

Part of the reason Watters is so successful is that his competition is simply bad. There is no doubt about that. However, there is also something likable about Watters. He indeed built a reputation for asking any question to anyone at any time. People like that for it being honest and shocking. 

There is also an everyday feel to Watters that he built during his weekend show. He vowed to keep that style as he transitioned to the prime time slot. “My tone and my style are going to be the same,” he told Fox News just before his show began is run. 

Of course, it doesn’t hurt Watters and his show that his show is the lead-in to the Tucker Carlson show at the 8 PM time slot. Carlson’s show is the giant of cable news shows and dominates the ratings against his competition. 

The Raging Patriot goes on to save the best compliment for last:

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Watters show is still in its first year and is off to a great start. His ratings are tremendous and on the way to dominating his time slot as Carlson does. Watters clearly defines who is he and where the show is headed, unlike his competitors who can’t find themselves in a post-Trump era.

Ratings continue to be a massive problem for left-wing corporate media outlets. As reported previously, CNN demoted Don Lemon for failing to crack one million viewers during a time when Fox was raking in millions. The people are out there; they just don’t want to tune into CNN. We wrote at the time:

The move was long in the making and the only surprise is that Lemon wasn’t outright fired by the rebranding network. Numbers from Mediate present a truly dim picture of just how bad CNN has been faring in the ratings department for some time.

A report from early August showed that total viewership in a side-by-side comparison of CNN and rival Fox was simply embarrassing. The left-wing network garnered significant traction during the Trump presidency for constantly bashing the 45th president, but once out of office people realized it offered little in substance.

Mediate reported CNN drew an average of just 790,000 viewers in the primetime slots (8:00pm-11:00pm) compared to Fox’s 2.69 million. In the coveted 25-54 demographic, CNN was able to pull in an meager average of just 174,000 to Fox’s 318,000.

This article syndicated with permission from Blue State Conservative