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Florida COVID Hysteria: A Study in Pictures

Here is today’s episode of “Murder she wrote: the Florida Covid edition” mini-series brought to you by the Biden administration in conjunction with the national media.

Nice work of fiction.  Let’s hear from the Florida Department of Health:

Smearing Florida governor quickly became a favorite pastime of the national media.  Not to be outdone, here is Nikki Fried, who will be installed the governor of Florida the day Joe Biden receives The Nobel Prize in economics, tweeting out this disgraceful lie:

Here is a local report confirming that Nikki Fried has a Ph.D. in bullsh$t.

Pinellas County Administrator stressed that the most serious cases, like heart attacks and strokes, always get prompt attention in emergency rooms. And he says the county is working with fire officials to find more ambulances and have more staff.

The hospital system has plenty of plenty of ventilators, monitors and other specialized equipment to quickly convert space in the hospital to both standard- and ICU-level rooms, AdventHealth Central Florida told The Daytona Beach News-Journal.

“It’s important to realize that hospital capacity numbers you might find on a website are snapshots in time. Our hospitals are designed in such a way that spaces are flexible and expandable,” Grainger said.

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Here is a neat HHS tool that you can use to see the hospital utilization bed in each state – something the national media hopes you wouldn’t find.  Below is the graph of hospital utilization beds in Florida followed by the graph for the entire US.  You can see that even though Florida hospital bed utilization is higher, it is not dramatically so, and is nowhere near capacity.

Here is everything you wanted to know about the rise of Covid cases in Florida but were afraid to ask.

Here is the Governor of Florida explaining the situation with the Delta variant in Florida in terms that even AOC can understand.

Here is the follower-of-the-science-in-chief Joe Biden’s trying to master 5th-grade math.

I don’t know about you, but I always like to follow the science by following the directions of a person who thinks he got more people of his country vaccinated than the country’s entire population.  That is indeed a monumental success.

 RWR original article syndication source.