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Immediately Flatten the Curve of Economic Destruction

Why America Must Flatten the Curve of Economic Destruction

America is rapidly approaching an inflection point. We’ve been “fighting” the Chinese flu for months now, with all the increases in Big Government spending and corruption that doing so has so far entailed. Trillions have been spent, businesses have been ruined, and tens of millions are unemployed. That needs to be corrected; America must flatten the curve of economic destruction as soon as possible.

The Chinese flu and the response of many blue state governments to it have destroyed the American economy. Despite the fact that it looks like COVID is little worse than a bad flu, many states and cities have refused to unleash the free market and reopen the American economy. Those power-hungry, petty tyrants refuse to let America flatten the curve of economic destruction. Instead, they’d rather just let the entire American economy collapse.

They want that because it fits with their goal of establishing Democratic Socialism in the United States. Democrats understand that people are becoming angrier and angrier about having to stay at home and watch their careers and businesses vanish in the name of maybe saving the lives of one or two more random people. Democrats think that means those Americans are blaming everything on President Donald Trump, and thus that Republicans will suffer at the polls because of this crisis.

That’s absurd. People are waking up to the media lies about Coronavirus and want to go back to work rather than remain at home. And their only impediment to doing so, and in so doing help America flatten the curve of economic destruction, is the bevy of Democrat mayors and governors across the country that would rather have a servile, reliant population than a self-sufficient, free one.

So, in my opinion, Republicans will be boosted by this crisis. President Donald Trump is on the television every day discussing what is going on and how he is trying to solve the crisis and help America flatten the curve of economic destruction. Similarly, many Republican mayors and governors are helping their communities get back up after the self-imposed shutdown and get back to work.

In my home state of Georgia, for example, Governor Kemp is doing his best to make Georgia work again. No policy is perfect, but at least his policy is based on the premise that people have a right to go to work and do their best to make money. The same can’t be said for Democratic leaders across the country.

That positive, pro-capitalism attitude among Republicans will help them in the polls come this fall. Whatever Democrats might think, Americans desire liberty, not welfare. We’re fed up with the constantly rising national debt and want to earn money rather than watch the government spend it on ever more welfare and “paycheck protection” programs. Make people earn money rather than receive it!

So, socialism won’t be helped by this crisis. It might have been helped by the Great Depression and the resulting economic turmoil, as described in MacArthur’s Reminiscences and Diana West’s American Betrayal, but that was different.

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The Great Depression looked like a capitalism-induced problem (it wasn’t), so it makes some sense that Americans would have resorted to supporting socialism.

This crisis, on the other hand, is obviously the fault of Big Government. The authoritarian government in Red China lied and Americans died. That means the Chinese flu is the fault of Big Government and communism, not capitalism.

That can’t be fixed. People have died and the GDP has plummeted. But we can still wake up and flatten the curve of economic destruction. So let’s do that! Demand your right to go back to work is respected and then do so! Let’s stand up to the Big Government swamp creatures and help President Trump flatten the curve of economic destruction.

By: Gen Z Conservative