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Fire Fauci! He Certainly Deserves It

One of the worst aspects of the Covid pandemic has been the reign of Anthony Fauci. That corrupt, incompetent bureaucrat has wielded power with the same tyrannical hand as a Nero or Caligula. He lied constantly, about everything from masks to herd immunity, has connections to the Chinese lab that created the Covid bioweapon (he funded their research), and was a partisan hack that worked against President Trump. Yet, despite all of that, only a few of us were calling for either the Trump or Biden Admins to fire Fauci.

I still don’t understand why more people weren’t calling to fire Fauci. Fauci was a liar. He didn’t do a good job. He was far more of a media hound than serious doctor. Looking at his record, it’s obvious he has never succeeded with a project, so it’s not even clear why he’s in such a distinguished position in the first place. Were Jefferson around today, assuming he hadn’t already been canceled, he surely would have written a Declaration of Independence from Dr. Fauci and adumbrated a far longer list of grievances than was in the original.

But, despite all those facts, facts that made me despise him from the beginning, most Americans insouciantly sat by as this Janus-faced dolt, this “Dr. Dictator,” stole their liberties. It didn’t matter that his policies meant they had to wear uncomfortable masks, sit idly by in their homes or apartments as their businesses crumbled and years of work were wiped away, or even that his blatant hypocrisy was put on full display when he took his mask off after throwing a terrible pitch at a Nationals game.

No, Americans didn’t revolt. They cheered for his gravely voice, threw garlands in the air whenever he issued a new, incomprehensibly dumb edict, or let his labile mind be convinced that whatever policy was previously in place should she reversed completely.

While I’d like to imagine that Republicans, at least, were awake to the nature of his tyranny, that’s unfortunately not the truth. The truth is that while real conservatives were worried about Fauci’s tyranny and have been calling to fire Fauci for a long time, far too many moderate Republicans, and even left-leaning libertarians, let their liberties be stolen from them without even putting up a struggle.

Up until now, that is. Now that Fauci’s emails have been released things are changing. When one reads what he wrote, the utter hypocrisy and incompetence of Dr. Fauci is on full display. While he told Americans to wear masks, he told his friends not to do so. He knew about the lab leak theory from the beginning, yet refused to back Trump up or investigate said theory. In email after email, it’s quite evident that Fauci is only interested in one thing- power.

That’s why he was okay with telling you to wear a mask. It’s why he wasn’t concerned at all with forcing Americans to lock down. Or why he bristled at anyone thinking differently than he did. Like Stalin, Fauci is only after power and will crack however many eggs are necessary to create that omelet.

Thankfully, more Americans are waking up to that fact about Dr. Dictator. Now that they can see just how terrible he is, more and more Americans are calling for the government to fire Fauci.

I couldn’t agree more; if Biden has any drop of honor, decency, or even basic competence at governing left, he’d fire Fauci ASAP. The man needs to go far, far away and never come back.

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Or we could take Candace Owens’ advice and lock him up. Perhaps that would be more appropriate:

fire fauci

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on ParlerGab, and Facebook