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Taking a Stand: Fighting Back against Biden’s Tyranny

Make no mistake, we are losing this nation.

The corrupt, Fascist regime with the figurehead Joe Biden as leader is hellbent on destroying the United States of America. In nine short months, they have made giant strides forward in establishing a totalitarian dictatorship, implementing measures not seen since Hitler’s Germany, Stalin’s Russia, or Mao’s China.

This is not Joe Biden’s government. Biden is a useful idiot, set up by the Obama mafia that attempted to usher in totalitarianism 13 years ago. The effort to undermine the U.S. Constitution and overthrow our democratic republic began long before Obama took office, however. For its origins, we must go all the way back to May 8, 1986.

On that date, at the Harris Auditorium on the campus of the City College of New York, a forum was held. The forum’s panel consisted of Joyce Weinstein, Legislative Coordinator for the NYC Office of Management and Budget, somebody from Charlie Rangel’s staff, and one Frances Fox Piven.

The billing for the forum was, “A Community Forum on Federal Budget Cuts ‘85–‘86.” It is important to recognize that President Ronald Reagan was, at that time, proposing a reduction in government spending. Those on the forum’s panel were against those budget cuts and against Reagan’s proposed reductions in government spending.

It was sponsored by CCNY, the New York Public Interest Research Group (NYPIRG), and the CCNY student government, with none other than Barack Hussein Obama as student government president. Piven and her husband, Richard Cloward penned the Cowar-Piven strategy. As both were confirmed Fascists and as both were college professors, it should come as no surprise that Obama would have been well-aware of their political positions and their strategies.

Needless to say, he was quite enamored with both. In his first book, “Dreams From My Father,” Obama wrote of his college years, “To avoid being mistaken for a sellout, I chose my friends carefully. The more politically active black students. The foreign students. The Chicanos. The Marxist professors and structural feminists.” This was perhaps the event that sparked his desire to “fundamentally transform America.”

To say that Saul Alinsky, and his book, “Rules for Radicals” was an inspiration to Cloward and Piven would be a gross understatement, but Alinsky’s “Rules” were a blueprint for how to win individual battles in the quest for socialism and Marxism. Cloward and Piven drew upon Alinsky’s “Rules” to create a strategy on how to win the war.

During his eight years in the Oval Office, Obama employed many of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules” but he was under the proverbial microscope and unable to make drastic moves as quickly as he wanted. He also discovered that neither “fundamental transformation” nor social re-engineering was going to come cheap. It needed a bankroll.

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Obama could smooth-talk idiots into occupying Wall Street, but somebody had to pay for it. Obama could verbally and morally support Black Lives Matter, but somebody would have to pay for the infrastructure to move those people around the country and do the things necessary to further divide the country.

Obama went to the bank of George Soros to secure the funding he needed but time was not his friend. He only had two terms in office, and the “fundamental transformation of America” would require more time than term limits allowed. Hillary was to have been Obama’s third term, the time necessary to finish the job, but President Trump got in the way.

Obama’s answer to Trump was to ratchet up the pressure, basically Alinsky’s “Rule number 8.” More BLM, introduce and grow Antifa, incite racial division, false allegations against Trump, impeachment and its sequel, riots, looting, arson, violence in the streets, and let’s not forget the role played by shills like the “squad” in driving that divide deeper and deeper.

Regardless of what tactics were employed to end President Trump’s America First policies, his booming economy, our energy independence, and our re-establishment at the front and center of the world stage, Trump kept on winning. His policies were lifting all Americans, facts that obviously angered Obama greatly.

In four short years, President Trump had all but erased the anti-American Obama strategy. Trump lifted America to grand heights domestically, economically, and in the arena of foreign policy. It was too much for Obama to bear. It had to come to an end, and neither he, who had invested his time and energy, nor Soros, who had invested a small fortune of his money, could risk another four years of President Trump.

They rigged the 2020 election. We know that doesn’t sit well with social media or the mainstream media, but there is no way you can ever convince the majority of the American people that a man with severely diminished mental capabilities who campaigned from his basement bunker and made no sense when he rarely ventured outside, a man who couldn’t draw more than a dozen people to a campaign rally and was constantly making derogatory comments to his own voters could have garnered 81 million votes without the fix being in.

That is especially incredulous given that, for the first time in U.S. history, an incumbent increased his vote total over that of four years before. The election was stolen, obviously, and Obama installed his puppet to be his third term.

The strategy by Cloward and Piven is only four steps, but don’t be fooled, Biden isn’t following those steps. He lacks the mental capacity to follow the directions on a box of instant pudding. What we’re seeing taking place in our country today is Obama’s master plan, derived from Cloward-Piven. He’s pulling Biden’s puppet strings and when the heat gets to be too much for that particular puppet.

Biden will be forced out under the Twenty-Fifth Amendment and replaced by Kamala Harris whose blind political ambition will have her dancing like Obama’s cackling marionette. What Biden has not accomplished by that time of Cloward-Piven’s agenda will be completed by Harris.

The first step is to overload and break the welfare system. COVID is just part of the excuse as people are soon to be out of work because Biden’s unconstitutional CCP virus mandates will force small businesses to close their doors.

Though there are multiple court challenges to those orders, they will be enforced as long as the Supreme Court allows them to stand, and there is no guarantee the Obama minions controlling Biden will pay attention to a negative decision. They are already ignoring SCOTUS’ telling the cabal to reinstate “remain in Mexico” as instituted by President Trump

Add to that the fact that the welfare and unemployment systems are now paying people more not to work than they were making while employed. Throw in more than 2 million welfare-reliant illegal aliens per year into the system and Cloward and Piven’s first box is checked off.

The next step is, have chaos ensue. The defund the police movement, inspired and driven by the ilk of domestic terrorists like the BLM and Antifa has violent crime rates soaring as cities defund their police departments and thousands more police officers leave the job for lack of local government support. CCP virus mandates have society in an uproar.

Critical Race Theory is being implemented in schools from kindergarten to universities and Attorney General Merrick Garland has ordered the FBI to investigate as “domestic terrorists” those parents who would dare challenge the curriculum at school board meetings. The puppet master left Americans and our allies behind in Afghanistan ― leaving Biden to take the blame ― the border crisis is out of control, inflation is on the rise, gas prices and our growing disaster on the world stage is all creating mass chaos. Box number two is checked off.

Then they will take control of the chaos. That is Cloward-Piven’s third step. We will be told Kamala Harris is doing just that the day Obama pulls the plug on Joe Biden via the Twenty-Fifth Amendment. The reality of that situation will simply be more of the same only with new and more deceptive cover being provided by Obama’s propagandists in the mainstream media. That will be box number three.

Lastly, they will implement Fascist socialism through government force. If you don’t believe this is Obama’s end game and the dream of every elected liberal Fascist then you haven’t been paying attention to the political landscape since LBJ was in office. If you don’t think we’re better than halfway there now, you’re simply blind to reality.

What do we do? How to fend off this attack on our liberties, freedoms, on our Constitution and our economy?

There is only one way: We prepare to fight.

History makes it clear that the United States was founded by people who endured a repressive government seated 3,000 miles away. After putting their lives, families, and fortunes on the line in the American Revolution, their primary goal was to prevent such a repressive society from emerging again. The Founders and Framers had to personally reckon with criminalized speech, arbitrary arrest, state-sanctioned torture and even murder. In short, exactly what we are now facing

So, at great personal sacrifice, they signed the Declaration of Independence. Had they lost the Revolutionary War, they would all have been executed, so the stakes could not have been higher. But they didn’t lose. They shocked the world, and as a result, our founding fathers constructed a carefully balanced system defined by the Constitution to make sure no tyrant could ever come to power.

We’re now facing multiple scenarios that could obliterate that delicate balance. Those “four steps” of Cloward and Piven are the tool by which they are accomplishing it. They have been executed to perfection and have us on the brink of dictatorship and oppression.

We are facing a shift in our balance of power. Apparently abandoning efforts to pack the Court because of opposition within the Fascist party calling itself Democrats, they have adopted a strategy of simply ignoring court rulings they don’t like. This is a new legal structure that will allow for the legalization of tyrannical reign and “legally” override the carefully constructed governmental balance between the legislative, executive, and judicial branches that has previously served to prevent tyranny in the U.S.

This three-tier branch, constructed to safeguard our freedoms, is under direct attack, and this is not a partisan issue. Everyone needs to wake up to this fact. It’s an issue of freedom versus tyranny.

In order to do so, we must organize as a people. Regardless of your ideology, we can safely say that the vast majority of Americans do not want a Fascist dictatorship. Those that do amount to less than a fifth of the U.S. population. The legitimate votes that were cast in November 2020 were not so much pro-Biden as they were anti-Trump. Mean tweets and bombast from the 45th president over his four-year term took its toll, even though he got more than enough votes to be reelected ― and as noted, he probably was reelected.

We are seeing the beginning of this by the activism at local school board meetings as parents protest the teaching of CRT, mask mandates that harm their children and vaccine orders that make no sense for elementary-aged children since they are not susceptible to serious infections.

Those school board appearances, however, do not go far enough.

We need to take that kind of activism into the city council meetings, county commissions, and state legislatures. We must challenge this rogue Fascist federal government. We need to make our voices heard. When they try to prevent us from speaking, we need to get louder and make sure they hear us.

Of course, that’s going to lead to arrests. We as Americans cannot be afraid of that threat. It’s not pleasant, it’s antithetical to how we expect to live ― and it is absolutely necessary. If we use ourselves to flood the legal system by accepting our fates when we stand for our rights, there will come a point that the police and sheriff’s departments will no longer take action that prevents them from having jail space for real criminals.

We keep righting for our rights and the rights of our children. We keep speaking loudly against tyranny. We continue to disrupt the illegal and immoral actions of these bodies of government. We make ourselves known as a people ― as the American people ― who will not docilely accept their mandates, their declarations, their fraudulent orders.

What, you ask, if they use force to enforce their tyranny, their oppression, their despotism? We post the answer to that in the form of another question: What did the Founders and Framers do?

We do the same.

This is a time to accept great sacrifice, perhaps the ultimate sacrifice, in order to put an end to tin-pot tyrants who have only their own self-interests at heart, who lie, cheat, steal ― and yes, murder ― to put themselves in power and make us their disloyal but powerless subjects.

To avoid that ignominious fate we must implement our own four-step plan. We organize, we stand, we resist, we fight. We have no other choice, and the time is getting late. As was once said, it is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.

To paraphrase another famous saying, these are times that try men’s and women’s souls, our resolve, our love of freedom. We either step up and do what must be done, or, as Ronald Reagan said, we will enter a thousand years of darkness.

Mike Nichols is a conservative, a patriot, U.S. Army veteran, licensed professional counselor, political enthusiast, sports fan and writer living with his beautiful wife Liz in the Heartland. He has a regular blog at America’s Conservative Voice on Substack and a Facebook presence at Americas Conservative Voice-Facebook.