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We Must Fight Them Now: A Terrific Mark Levin Quote on the Urgency of the Culture War

The Mark Levin Quote:

“You can’t say ‘we’ll fight them next time.’ There will be no next time; this has to be the time.” -Mark Levin on Why We Must Fight Them Now

We Must Fight Them Now: Stand Up to the Radical Left

Mark Levin is right. We must fight them now. The party of lies cannot be allowed to win. This battle isn’t one that shifts and flows with time. It isn’t one that can be jumped into and out of as personal or political circumstances require.

It’s not some small-scale skirmish of the vast culture war that can be ignored or regarded as not worth the fight. No, this battle, the battle against the radical left, is one for the very soul of our nation and the rule of law; all patriots must constantly fight it.

The left wants to radically change America. Shortly before the 2008 election, Barack Obama claimed “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

Similarly, his wife claimed before the election that “We are going to have to change our conversation; we’re going to have to change our traditions, our history; we’re going to have to move into a different place as a nation.”

And they were right; the Obama Administration did fundamentally alter America. Americans, who were rightly fed up with George W. Bush, elected a radical and got a radical.

Now, it’s looking like the same thing will happen again and that is why we must fight them now, before it’s too late. The Biden Administration will be just as radical, if not more so, as the Obama Administration was. Staffed with people like Lyin’ Liz Warren, Robert O’Rourke, and that mayor from South Bend, the Biden Administration will be full of people that, like Obama, want to radically alter America.

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Our only hope of stopping them from doing that is to point out any and every example of voter fraud and demand that states start to decertify the election. In other words, we must fight them now.

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As Levin said, there won’t be a “later.” If we hold back now, we won’t be able to fight the radical leftists in the Biden Administration later. That administration will radically limit free speech by pushing for limitations on “hate speech” (which is everything that Democrats disagree with), try to confiscate our guns and do away with the 2nd Amendment, and use the 1619 Project and ideas like it to wipe away America’s history and replace it with one of socialism and racial grievance.

We won’t be able to fight back because it will be illegal to speak out, self-defense will be next to impossible without firearms, and our moral backing — the Founding Fathers– will have been done away with. So, we must fight them now by standing up to the many lies of the left.

we must fight them now
We must fight them now!

Most Americans still believe in the rule of law. If they see that Biden won by cheating, they will, at the very least, regard him as illegitimate. Yet better, they might start protesting and demand that their governors decertify the election.

The Democrats claim that all Republicans are racist and that America is an inherently racist country. Often that outright lie is used to prevent us from speaking out against Democrat policies; most recently, it has been used to stamp out accusations of voter fraud.

That’s another lie. America is not racist, systemic racism does not exist, and liberal racism is far more prevalent than conservative racism. Also, and this is something that every patriot should be repeating, the Democratic Party is the only organization in America with racist roots. It is the party of slavery, Jim Crow, segregation, and the KKK. Robert Byrd, a Democrat leader for many years, was an Exalted Cyclops in the KKK.

There are many other lies, of course. On everything from the efficacy of burdensome regulations to gun control, the Democrats lie faster than a Maxim gun spits out bullets. If they had to tell the truth for a single day, no Democrat would ever be elected again.

We can’t make them tell the truth. That’s impossible for them to do. But, we can inform the American public on what the truth is. Tell the public about voter fraud concerns. Stand up to accusations of racism, and then counter with the facts, which is that the left is inherently racist. And, whatever you do, keep on fighting. Never surrender. Don’t bend the knee.

We must fight them now. If we don’t prevent a Biden regime from occupying the White House, then we might never be able to fight back against them again. They will radically transform America and turn it into a place where dissent is not allowed and conservatives are silenced. Now is the time to fight. Do so. Fight them now.

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