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5 Ways Conservatives Should Fight the Culture War in 2021

If You’re a Conservative, Here’s What You Should Do in 2021 to Fight the Culture War

Well, 2020 has been awful. Between the riots, the Chinese Flu, and other issues, this year has been just terrible. In times like these, it can be easy to be despondent and give up; these are the times that try men’s souls, as Thomas Paine once said.

When the whole world seems arrayed against you specifically, as this year often has, it can be difficult to hold your head high and keep fighting. But that’s what the other side wants. They want you to give up and stop fighting. They want you to be dismayed by voter fraud concerns, riots, and looting so that you give up. Don’t do that. Keep fighting the culture war; there will be no next time, now is the time.

But, even if you’re a fighter, it can be hard to decide how to fight. America’s culture war is many-sided, so it is hard to determine where you should fight. For that reason, I started thinking about what we should do. After reflecting, I think I found five main areas of the culture war battlefield that it would be most effective to engage in. They are: fighting back against the leftist universities, boycotting leftist products, constantly sharing information on Twitter and Parler, never backing down in an argument, and mercilessly attacking un-American political figures (peacefully, of course).

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1. Fight the Culture War Against Universities and Their Leftist Policies

Politics are downstream of culture and America’s universities have the greatest effect on our culture. For that reason, it makes sense to start fighting back against the totalitarian, Marxist ideas percolating through and ruining our once-wonderful universities.

Right now, our centers of higher education are bastions of far-left ideology. Radical leftist teachers and students constantly try to shift the Overton Window by pressing for ideas that are farther and farther to the left. What were once tenets of Western Civilization and American culture are now under relentless attack; free speech is limited, freedom of inquiry is non-existent, and emotion is prized over reason.

We conservatives need to start pushing back against that to shift American culture back toward Western and conservative values. In so doing, we can hopefully push American politics back toward the center-right, which will help us tremendously in these culture wars.

If you’re a college student, get involved with any and every conservative group on campus. College Republicans, conservative campus journals, Young America’s Foundation, and Turning Point are all wonderful organizations that you need to join and frequently participate in. Don’t be frightened away from them by leftists on your campus and, once in them, push for them to take the strongest conservative stance that they can take.

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If you’re an adult not in college, then help fund those groups and provide a support network for conservative college students. Whether you went to a trade school or are a doctor, you can help further conservatism on campus by funding the organizations that fight for conservative values. Additionally, help fund and push people toward schools like Hillsdale and Liberty; they teach their pupils traditional Western values, so they need to be supported and grow.

I think conservatives should focus first and foremost on universities because they determine so much about America’s cultural values. While trade schools and other options are very noble and should be considered by everyone, they don’t have the same cultural weight as universities. Because of that cultural weight, we conservatives need to focus on reclaiming them from the left. That battle will be difficult, but it will certainly be well worth it.

what conservatives should do in 2021 to win the culture war

2. Boycott Leftist Companies

Americans imagine (or at least used to imagine) that their corporations are conservative institutions. Capitalism is associated with conservatism, so we associate corporations with it too.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Today, almost every corporation is a far-left institution that is helping the left win the culture war. Just check out my list of companies that donated to BLM; dozens of America’s largest companies did. They indoctrinate their employees with leftist ideas, have race-based hiring systems, stifle free speech, and donate mainly to leftist causes. Is that really where you want your money going?

Hopefully not. Boycott those companies completely and totally. If the 74 million Trump voters started avoiding Apple, Walmart, Bank of America, and others, then we would seriously weaken them. Sell your stocks in those companies. Stop shopping at their stores or ordering their products. Delete your rewards account with them and encourage your friends and family to do the same.

Then, start supporting conservative companies. Buy Black Rifle Coffee rather than Starbucks. Shop from a small, local store owned by someone you like rather than from a national corporate behemoth. Buy from people you support rather than buying whatever is cheapest and most convienient. Giving them your business, rather than anti-American corporations, will help conservatives win the culture war.

By starving those leftist companies of our money, both in consumption and investment dollars, we might be able to force them to change. If they know they’ve alienated half of the country, then basic economics should force them to pursue different policies. That change would be a devastating blow against the left and would help us tremendously in the culture war.

Furthermore, the less money they earn the less they have to donate to leftist causes. So, by starving leftist companies of your dollars, you can also starve the Democratic Party of the money it needs to advertise and win elections. Boycotting leftist companies is a great way to kill two birds with one stone and it should help us win the culture war.

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3. Keep Sharing Information Constantly

While social media has many negative aspects, it can be helpful to our cause. By constantly sharing articles (like this one) and sending them to those we know, we can help our side win the information war.

I know that saying to keep using Facebook and Twitter might seem like it is in conflict with my call to boycott leftist companies. But, as long as you avoid investing in those companies and/or clicking on ads on them, you’re not giving them any money. You’re just using the public square they provide against them and sucking up their server resources in the process.

Yes, social media censorship is a problem and might retard our progress on this front. But no battle is lost until we stop fighting it. So, continue to fight the information war on social media. Share articles. Create posts. Report leftists that are violating the rules of those platforms to limit their reach.

Boycott them totally if you want. I have and will do so. Now, I just use Gab and Parler. But, sharing info on them is a great way to fight the culture war.

Without social media, we wouldn’t know near as much about the potential election fraud or Hunter Biden emails as we now do. Keep that going; keep sharing content that helps conservatism on social media.

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4. Never Back Down in an Argument about a Culture War Issue

One of the most frequently used tools in a leftist’s culture war toolkit is appealing to emotion. They cry easily, immediately resort to feigning outrage, imagine and pretend that they are being oppressed, and use straw man arguments about particularly heart-wrenching circumstances. Ignore all of that. Don’t be swayed by emotion or show any mercy when fighting culture war battles, especially when debating and arguing.

Instead, ruthlessly advance your argument. Keep repeating the basic reasons why they are wrong and refuse to concede any points. Make no mistake, from their views on economics to their opinions on things like systemic racism, leftists are always wrong. They don’t know what they’re talking about and have no facts or evidence to back up their points.

Show them, and those who listen to the argument, debate, or discussion that fact, the fact that the left is indisputably wrong on almost every culture war issue. Don’t raise your voice or be intentionally cruel. That is unnecessary and often counter-productive. But also never back down and don’t be politically correct; political correctness is just another form of tyranny. If you’re defending conservatism, then you’re in the right. Remember that and use it to reinforce your convictions. It’s easy to prove leftists wrong because they’re never correct. Just use the basic fallacies in their arguments against them to win an argument.

5. Go After Un-American Politicians

From the RINOs to the Squad, there are many figures of American political life that obviously don’t stand for American values. Many Republicans are cowards that have deserted Trump and those values; with friends like them, who needs enemies? And, of course, Democrats never cared much for them in the first place. In fact, the left stands entirely against Western civilization and American values. We have to launch a shattering offensive against those many enemies of America to win the culture war.

John Roberts probably visited Epstein’s island. Mitt Romney continually betrays the GOP and his country. McConnell has stabbed Trump in the back, as has GA Governor Kemp. Nancy Pelosi and many other Democrats are hypocrites that don’t even follow their own lockdown orders. AOC wants a list of Trump supporters. Jon Ossoff took money from China. Etc.

There are many other examples, but those are just the most recent highlights. The point is, other than Trump and his few loyal supporters, most American politicians are not interested in the good of the country. They are interested only in themselves and what they can get out of their office.

We conservatives need to embrace populism and stand up to those decrepit defenders of corruption. The American people don’t want useless, corrupt politicians. They want freedom fighters that stand up for America. When primaries start happening, remember that. Primary every Republican that has betrayed Trump and you should continue to fight the Democrats that obviously stand against America. Share information about them, call them out on their shortcomings, and never stop fighting for America.

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Conclusion: It Will Be Challenging, But Follow Those 5 Steps to Win the Culture War

2020 could have been a wonderful year. The economy was doing historically well, Trump was winning every battle, and America was on top of the world once again. Then, China unleashed a plague on the world and the Democrats encouraged riots. 2020 quickly went from wonderful to awful.

I harbor no illusions about 2021. It’s going to be a long and acrimonious year. If Trump pulls a rabbit out of his hat and ends up in the White House, riots will engulf the nation in flame once again. If he doesn’t, then an illegitimate president will occupy the White House and we’ll have to fight back with everything we’ve got. Either way, it won’t be pretty.

Regardless of what happens, conservatives need to fight the culture war against the radical left and cancel culture Gestapo with everything they’ve got. We can’t waste our time on trivial issues or fight ineffectively; time is of the essence and we must place a premium on the energy we expend on each battle. To fight more effectively, follow those steps above. Fight the culture war in the universities, boycott leftist companies, fight the information war on social media, never back down, and strike back at the politicians that betrayed us and the country. That’s how we’ll win the culture war. Fight like Rush Limbaugh.

Doing so will be uncomfortable. It will be taxing and difficult. But moderation in defense of liberty and justice is no virtue. Fight for them with as much energy and vigor as possible.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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