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Americans Must Fight the Anti-American Oligarchy

We Must Fight Against the Radically Un-American Oligarchy and All of Its Forms

Trump exposed the corrupt media and the Deep State, shined a light on the evil communist trolls like Brennan and Feinstein, and fought back against the deep state (permanent bureaucracy), the leviathan that ‘Progressive’ Woodrow Wilson envisioned as a dispassionate arbiter of necessary policy but is, in actuality, the faceless bureaucracy foretold by George Orwell in 1984.

Communism and Fascism are two sides of the same coin that you and I as dispassionate voters, who believe in the American Republic but haven’t the time or the inclination to be political, have let take over.

The first, Communism, as envisioned by Marx and Lenin and implemented by Stalin is an all-powerful State that employs everyone in subservience to the State and provides for their ‘needs’ as it determines their needs to be. In turn the subjects (citizens) do the job that the State determines is needed with little care to personal desire or even aptitude. A politburo (congress) is at the head of State with one strongman at the head of the Politburo. If someone doesn’t conform to the dictates of the State they are ostracized, imprisoned or eliminated, as is described in The Gulag Archipelago.

Fascism also describes a political theory and system where the State is all-powerful, usually headed by a single strongman, the bureaucracy is there to organize and keep track of the dictates of the strongman and record the accomplishments and shortcomings of the operations. It uses intimidation and violence to herd the populace into a state of compliance.

Neither see individual freedom and self-determination as particularly important goals. They see citizens as necessary cogs in the machinery of government.

That is why America succeeded so spectacularly in such a short period of time. It was constituted on the premise that the individual, each faceless cog, had value and was the reason for the machinery of the government. Not the other way around. We began the world anew with our focus on natural rights and the individual rather than serving the state. Every person in America determined his worth and success by how much he was willing to contribute. Working hard, getting extra education, finding stability or risk, and saving for the future were all equally viable and acceptable ways of being successful.

Of course, there are mitigating factors in every enterprise, not everyone chooses a successful path the first time. But what made America exceptional is that you were also given the right to fail and the right to start over. Each person determined their own outcome.

If we are to rescue America (‘Merica) from the globalist takeover we have to be vocal, get involved in retail politics, and vote like our lives depend on it. We need to push the notion that the Founders came up with a totally new and unique way of governing.

From the beginning of time, leadership was determined by the ability to overpower your opposition by the strength of arms. The strongest clan took the territory and possessions another and held off others until if they won enough battles a ruler was crowned and so the defense of the empire started.

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The Founding Fathers created a whole new system. Not an empire to be won and defended by force but a coalition of citizens ruled by laws and free to pursue the interests that best suit their individual temperament. Borrowing liberally from philosophers Thomas Hobbes and John Locke, they crafted the US Constitution and Bill of Rights to form a system that would protect the individual, codify his God-given rights, and protect them both.

Furthermore, America(s) have to quit getting our political theories from the very powers we fought a revolution to free ourselves. Make no mistake, the forces allied against us are trying to reinstitute rule by a few elites. They also want to bring back serfdom. We have to stop letting the oligarchs set the rules, ever-changing rules at that, and start to demand our rights and freedoms back.

We also have to quit getting our news from the TV and leftwing CNN news and support conservative media: OANN, The Blaze, Breitbart, National Review, Twitchy, are all news sites that look at the news from a ‘not liberal’ perspective that wants to uncover evidence of being true to the Constitution.

On those channels, anyone who wants to support and defend the founding principles is supported, whereas CNN, MSNBC, and all of the broadcast news outlets report from a solidly hard left position. On those leftist stations, the reporting on anything that does not comport with their views on abortion or 2nd Amendment or Alternate Gender theory is badgered and lied about in an attempt to push the narrative against them.

For example, Supreme Court nominees who are perceived to be conservative, such as Brett Kavanaugh, are subjected to weeks of the most vicious personal attacks. Every stone is turned over and scrutinized for any evidence that could be used to shame and harass. Rather than search for the truth, they are hoping for a misstatement that could be leveraged and reported ad nauseum to sway public opinion.

Because of that, those station’s support for the communist/fascist elite, we must turn away from them and toward conservative media. I personally like ‘OAN’, Newsmax, and ‘The Daily Wire,’ which is a commentary website that is turning into a budding media company. 

Most importantly, we must find ways to change the culture of education. Support the 1776 Commission and oppose, at every opportunity, the 1619 Project, which is another communist Trojan Horse to turn Americans against the Founders vision.

Make no mistake, the idea of, America is THE greatest gift to individual freedom ever devised. 1619 wants to tell you that America was founded on promoting, and because of slavery. Slavery is a fact of life, it was in year 1 AD it was in 1619, and it is today.

These people who want to blame America for the worlds ills never mention that S.E. Asia and The Middle East are currently promoting slavery in their countries and around the world.

America was founded because the greatest empire in the history world was taking away our individual freedoms and enslaving the population through onerous taxation and dictates. We formed a union of different states with different histories with the caveat that slavery was to be dealt with when the struggle against the British Empire was decided. It took a civil war and a civil rights act to achieve but The United States of America was and still is the best idea on Earth for everyone’s freedom.

This second revolution is a multi-generational struggle…we didn’t lose the founders vision overnight but if we don’t start to fight back now we will lose it forever. Worldwide Communism is patient, China is aggressive and Biden is complicit. Trump is not the president but in some ways that is good. We have to pick up the sword and continue the battle. It is not a battle between right and left, it is a battle between Freedom and Tyranny.

By: David Gignac